Current Opportunities for Flow Control Valve, Cylinder, and Pneumatic Valve Production and Distribution

flow control valve

With the lockdowns and quarantines still raging due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some industrial components, parts, and spares are being considered as essential. Some like flow control valve, pneumatic valves, and cylinders are vital for such industries as Oil and Gas, Energy and Power, and Water Distribution.

Urgently Required

In some countries such as Australia, United States, United Kingdom, and most of Western Europe, as well as Japan and Taiwan, companies manufacturing and distributing the following components and parts have been requested to update their production and deliveries:

  • Air compressors or pumps
  • Bellows
  • Self-inflating bags
  • Gas mixing valves
  • Pressure regulators
  • Flow control valves
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Solenoid cylinders
  • Check valves or one-way cylinders
  • Industrial automation components
  • Power supply electric motors
  • Linear actuators or tubing and fitting controllers
  • Pressure sensors and indicators
  • Oxygen sensors and indicators
  • Heat and moisture exchange filters
  • Air filters or HEPA filters

Emergency Procurement

While most products are on hold except for what is considered as “essential,” as most countries are still on lockdown and strict measures even as protocols are easing off slowly, many countries are still purchasing essential products in bulk. For instance, the United Kingdom is buying ventilators and related components from other countries, while the United States Supply Chain Strike Force is purchasing protective gears and components, also in bulk. 

Through all this, the purchase and deliveries of essential industrial components and parts continue, though with some delay as food and medical supplies are given top priority when it comes to transporting. 

Flow Control Valve

In many countries, there seems to be an increased demand for ventilator components, particularly in the range of the flow control valve, pressure control valve, and pneumatic valve. Manufacturers are having difficulty in meeting this demand. Flow control valves and other valve components are now also hard-pressed with the energy and power industries and water distribution industry as these are considered vital and essential sectors for the continued normalcy existence of people even amid quarantine lockdowns. Through the COVID-19 crisis, MasterMac2000 is attempting to provide all necessary essential pressure control valve and other valve or cylinder components to the necessary industries. As an Australian owned distribution company, MasterMac2000 delivers a wide range of solutions for pneumatic, hydraulic, electrostatic, and fluid control industries. The company was founded in 1989 and has always been the top distributor of quality brands such as Piab, Mac, Tolomatic, Bimba, Mack, and Univer, from its main office and warehouse in Brisbane. For your industrial component solutions, visit the MasterMac2000 website at

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