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Flow Control Valve: Vacuum Pumps Explained

vacuum pump on air conditioner

A vacuum pump removes air particles or gas molecules from a sealed space to achieve a difference to create a partial vacuum in pressure. In short, vacuum pumps are mostly used to keep a machine clean inside or to externally clean out a machine. You could say a vacuum pump is an oversized flow control…

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Pneumatic Valves: Industries that Use Pneumatic Applications

farmers inspecting machinery

The word pneumatics is derived from the Greek word, “Pneuma,” meaning air or wind. Pneumatic systems use air or gas as the medium because air can be sufficiently exhausted into the atmosphere after completing its assigned task. Compressed air is used to transmit energy. Hydraulic systems using pneumatic valves or systems are being used extensively…

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Pneumatic Valves: Buffers vs Polishers

worker using pneumatic polisher

For anyone new to vehicle detailing, the terms buffer and polisher might be confusing. This can be even more so if you need to purchase pneumatic valves for either one. This comes from the common mass notion that buffing and polishing are both the same with the aim of improving a car’s surface. So, what’s…

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Flow Control Valve: Pneumatic Press vs Hydraulic Press

electric pneumatic press

In many industrial settings, shop presses are used to perform a variety of industrial physical tasks. These presses are capable of applying anywhere between one and thirty tonnes of pressure. They are extremely useful in many and several settings. The pneumatic press and hydraulic press are two of the most common machine tools and are…

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Pressure Control Valve: What is an Air or Pneumatic Conveyor?

man using air conveyor in construction work

An air or pneumatic conveyor refers to a family of devices that use high-pressure air to move products and materials instead of using mechanical chains or belts. Air conveyors are most widely used to move lightweight objects such as trays, boxes, and empty containers. Conveyor speeds can reach up to 1,000 fpm. However, conveyors are…

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Pressure Control Valve: All About Air Hoists

vacuum hoist held by man

Air hoists are similar to an electric hoist, except the hoist is powered by an air compressor to remove those restrictions that are required when using an electric power supply. The compressed air that powers the hoist allows for weightless vertical movement or floating functionality. An air hoist is like a large pressure control valve…

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Flow Control Valve: All About Pneumatic Fittings

variation of plastic fittings

Pneumatic fittings, also called push-fit fittings or flow control valve fittings, are easy to use and require no special skill with a torch or solvents. The fittings are engineered with a ring of metal spurs inside the fittings to tightly grip pipes when inserted into the fittings sockets. O-rings inside the fittings form tight, waterproof…

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Pneumatic Valves: What is an Air Suspension System?

mechanics checking air suspension

Historically, the United States developed the first practical air suspension system during World War II, specifically for heavy bombers and transport aircraft. Initially, suspension systems for vehicles and aircraft either used springs or were non-existent. The invention of air suspension meant that weight could be saved through a self-levelling system while achieving an axle height…

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Pressure Control Valve: The Pneumatic Door Closer

an open door with a white space background

Pneumatic door closers are usually installed on door jambs or over doors found in large offices and other institutions. The doors are generally heavy, hence the need for pneumatic door closers. Upon opening the door, the air inside the door closer becomes compressed. When nothing is holding the door open anymore, the door closer uses…

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What is Cable Jetting? Pneumatic Valves and Cable Jetting Machines

workers cleaning out debris with water hose

What is Cable Jetting? Cable jetting, sometimes called cable blowing, is the process of putting or blowing a fibre cable into a duct or conduit using the technique of compressed air blowing or pushing the cable into place. To achieve this, a cable jetting or cable blowing machine is used. This machine is engineered and…

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Flow Control Valve: Pneumatics and Robots

robotic arm in industrial setting

When people think of industrial robots, or any robot in general, they think that all moving parts use electrical motors and mechanical servos. But many robots today use air-powered systems, or pneumatics, to work. A compressor generates the compressed air, and the air moves to a reservoir that stores the air. A flow control valve…

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