Flow Control Valve: Why You Need to Adjust Your Pressure Regulator

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Pressure regulators are high performing cylinders or valves that are designed to provide reliable control of pressure in the various stages of a flow system. The output pressure of a pressure regulator is sensed through a diaphragm or flow control valve. This in turn decompresses or compresses a spring inside the regulator. The compression of the spring will determine if the flow through the regulator will decrease or increase by moving either closer to the orifice or farther away.

A pressure regulator may need adjustment if there is a continuous water pressure issue such as the water pressure being too high or too low. If the issue/s continue after the regulator is adjusted, it may need to be replaced.

Fluctuating water pressure can be destructive, if not annoying

If the water pressure is too high, supply lines can suffer from loose fittings, water hammering, and banging. Toilet tank assemblies may be forced open so water will continuously leak into the bowl. If the water pressure is too low, the washing machine, dishwasher, and bathtub will take a long time to fill. You may not be able to use more than one plumbing tap at a time. Showers will dribble instead of spray.

Fluctuating water pressure with multiple causes

High water pressure is always related to intense pressure coming from the local water supply or a local well. If the water pressure regulator isn’t properly adjusted, the device isn’t reducing water pressure before the flow enters the pipes.

Low water pressure can have multiple causes such as localised low water pressure or pressure favouring only selected plumbing fixtures. Other causes may include:

  • Leaking main supply lines.
  • Malfunctioning water conditioner.
  • Faulty pump or booster pump.
  • Flushing or interruption of local lines.

Check to ensure that your main water valve is open all the way. If no other issues cause low water pressure, the water pressure regulator may be malfunctioning, requiring cleaning, adjustment, or replacement.

Water pressure regulators need regular maintenance

Pressure regulators wear out like other normal plumbing fixtures. Internal components may corrode or become filled with scaled or gummed calcium deposits. The internal O-rings or washers can degrade and need replacement. 

Always call a professional and licensed plumber to clean, repair, or replace the pressure regulator. If not assembled back correctly, the regulator will leak continuously. Plumbing professionals also know how to adjust the settings on pressure regulators. The wrong settings will damage pipes and other fixtures.

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