Air Rams: What is a Telescopic Cylinder?

telescopic cylinder

A telescopic cylinder is a specially designed hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic cylinder with an air rams pulley system that provides an exceptionally long output length from a very compact retracted length. The collapsed length of a telescopic cylinder can be 20 to 40% of the fully extended length, depending on the number of stages. Some…

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Pressure Control Valve: All About Air Pressure Sensors

man checking commercial HVAC system

For optimal HVAC systems and the proper performance of such systems, accurate air pressure measurement is important. Air pressure sensors are used to measure very low to high pressures in air and refrigerants. Pressure control valve sensors provide precise measurement of air pressure, any differential pressure, and high accuracy volumetric flow needing reliable monitoring. Air…

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Flow Control Valve: Why You Need to Adjust Your Pressure Regulator

closeup of oxygen tank port

Pressure regulators are high performing cylinders or valves that are designed to provide reliable control of pressure in the various stages of a flow system. The output pressure of a pressure regulator is sensed through a diaphragm or flow control valve. This in turn decompresses or compresses a spring inside the regulator. The compression of…

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Types of Pneumatic Valves: The Pneumatic Gripper

leading brand of pnuematic gripper manufacturer

Pneumatic grippers are pick-and-place machines that use compressed air to operate gripper jaws that are also called gripping fingers. These fingers, almost similar in design to human fingers, help in holding, grasping, and releasing work or load items. Commonly, grippers have two fingers that can be parallel or angular, or three fingers with single or…

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Understanding Air Rams Shut Off Systems or Shut Off Valves

three different pneumatic cylinders

Shut off valves are also called air rams shut off systems, lockout valves, cut off valves, shutdown valves, emergency valves, ball valves, and exhausting valves. Shut off valves are designed to safely manage compressed air used for pneumatic applications. They are also used to block compressed air in any industrial automation process during emergencies or…

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The Flow Control Valve Called a Spool Valve

Complex control system of gas equipment

A spool valve is a type of flow control valve that is part of a hydraulic or pneumatic system that controls or regulates the flow of fluid or compressed air in a system. The valve is made of cylindrical spools that slide or rotate which allows or stops the flow of liquid. The spool valve…

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Mack Pneumatic Valves: Proudly Australian Made

pneumatic device for air pressure and direction control

Mack Valves are made in Australia. Its pneumatic valves and other valves and cylinder systems are widely known internationally for their reliability, robust designs, and longevity. Master Mac 2000 is proud to be one of its distributors, especially in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. And as the leading Australian valve manufacturer, Mack Valves is…

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Air Rams: What Makes Pneumatic Lockout Valves Important?

worker in protective gear checking air pressure

Many industries and facilities use compressed air to power production lines. However, improper management of compressed air utilities during maintenance or emergency situations will have serious consequences. To prevent accidents and personal injuries, there should be a proper installation and use of a simple device called a pneumatic lockout valve. These specialised air rams facilitate…

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Pressure Control Valve: All About The Check Valve

disco type check valve and butterfly valves

How does a check valve work? A check valve is a type of pressure control valve that allows only a single direction for the flow of fluids. There are only two ports: an inlet port and an output port. Since the media is only allowed to flow in one direction, check valves’ main purpose is…

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Air Rams: What are Shuttle Valves?

pressure gauges and valves

Oil unloader This is a specialised shuttle valve that is mounted on the front of the pump assembly housing. This valve in an oil unloader allows air pressure to flow to the power unit. During a power exhaust stroke, when airflow is reversed and the shuttle valve is lifted from its seat, any oil inside…

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Flow Control Valve: What is a Quick Exhaust Valve?

engine exhaust valves

A quick exhaust valve is a flow control valve that provides a rapid exhaust of controlled air when placed directly with an air cylinder after the control valve. Quick exhaust valves are often used with certain mechanical parts to make the reaction time of certain parts faster. The valves exhaust their air into the atmosphere…

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