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The Unique Pressure Control Valve: The Solenoid Valve

line of washing machines

What is a solenoid valve? A solenoid valve is a type of pressure control valve that is electrically controlled. The valve gets its name from the solenoid or electric coil in its centre. This coil acts as a movable ferromagnetic core or plunger. In the rest position, the plunger shuts off a small orifice. An…

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A Special Kind of Flow Control Valve: The Poppet Valve

steam engine train

A poppet valve is a type of flow control valve that uses a ball and seat instead of a traditional spool. People don’t realise that their vehicles use a poppet valve as a directional valve every day when they drive to work. Without a poppet valve, a vehicle’s combustion engine wouldn’t be able to function.…

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The Applications of the Pneumatic Valves Called Microvalves

water meter

Microvalves are small pneumatic valves that have particularly small components that are used in the field of microfluidics and fluidics to control fluids and gases. They are generally used for regulating or shutting off the flow fluids or gasses. For this to happen, a closure element like a disc, ball, or cone, is moved almost…

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Diverter Valves Are Air Rams for Diverting Air

white pipe with valve

The best example of a diverter valve is the type of valve used for shower faucets and showerheads. It diverts the direction of the water. However, since the focus is on air rams, this type of diverter valve or diverter block shifts the direction of pressurised air. When you step on the gas in any…

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The Homogenising Pressure Control Valve or Nanovalve

pipes and pressure valves

Ever wondered how dairy products are machine homogenised? The homogenising pressure control valve or nanovalve can homogenise dairy products, as well as food, beverages, and even chemical emulsion processes. Nanovalves use pressure to get the best of and improve product viscosity and stability. It also minimises running costs. Generally, nanovalves are high-efficiency homogenising pressure control…

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Air Rams: Single Acting vs Double Acting Pneumatic or Hydraulic Cylinders

hydraulics tubes

If you need power from compressed air pressure to be used for industrial machinery, pneumatic cylinders or air rams can deliver the big punch. On the other hand, if you need power for heavy machinery such as heavy lifters, movers, bulldozers, dump trucks, and the like, hydraulic cylinders are the standard mobile applications.  Both pneumatic…

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What is a Water Pressure Control Valve Regulator?

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Water pressure control valve regulators, or simply water pressure regulators, are plumbing valves that reduce water pressure from the local supply line to more localised lines. Water pressure can be a bane or a boon when it comes to local lines such as showers or opening the tap in the kitchen sink. You need the…

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Choosing the Right Flow Control Valve

valve and gauge

The water, oil, gas, and mining industries are industries that need a network of pipes for their necessary fluids to flow through. So, aside from the pipes, what do all these industries have in common? They all use flow control valve systems to regulate the flow of liquids. Though these industries are different from each…

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How a Pneumatic Press Works (With Pneumatic Valves, Of Course)

pneumatic valves

A pneumatic press gets its primary mechanical action from its pressure source derived from compressed air. The mechanical actions from a pneumatic press range from shearing, punching, bending, forming, drawing, extruding, and assembly. Such presses are used in mechanised binderies for a variety of purposes and offer the advantages of speed of operation and cleanliness.…

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Air Rams: How a Motorcycle Lift Works

air rams

Getting down on your knees to repair or maintain your motorcycle can take its toll on your energy levels. Instead, you can use a motorcycle lift to “lift” your motorbike to a comfortable height to work on. Bike lift tables are flat steel textured surface plates with a lifting and locking mechanism that holds the…

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Fluid Oscillators as Effective Pneumatic Valves or Flow Control Devices

pneumatic valves

Fluid oscillators are pneumatic valves or flow control valve systems based on the bi-stable states of a jet of fluid inside a specially designed flow chamber. Fluid oscillators are mostly found in the aerospace industry and always involve constant improvement in performance and fuel efficiency. Also called sweeping jet actuators or flip flop oscillators, these…

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