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Pneumatic Valves: The Value and Uses of Pneumatic Timers

zoomed in control knob

Pneumatic timers are industrial components used in industrial fields wherein an electrical spark caused by an electric current can be dangerous and destructive. They are commonly used in the oil and gas industry where flammable substances are all around the facilities. A single, tiny, electric spark could cause a fire of dramatic proportions. Thus, pneumatic…

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Air Rams: The Air Needlegun Scaler

woman in protective goggles using a needlegun scaler

The air needle-gun, needle scaler, or needlegun scaler is an air tool that uses air rams to remove old paint, mill scale, and rust from metal and concrete surfaces. Needlegun scalers are primarily used in metalwork applications such as shipboard repairs and preservation, automotive repair, and construction repair. Physical features A needlegun scaler has a…

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Flow Control Valve: What Is a Die Grinder, and How Is It Used?

hand holding a die grinder

A versatile air-powered pneumatic tool often overlooked is the die grinder. Not many people are familiar with the die grinder. A die grinder is a small, handheld tool with a rotating spindle. Although it needs electric or battery power to operate, a flow control valve controls the compressed air pressure that spins the spindle with…

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Pressure Control Valve: How Pneumatic Blowers and Blowing Systems Work

pressure gauge and pump gun

Pneumatic air blowers and blowing system machines are simple and effective devices used in industries and homes to blow away dust and dirt from every corner, nook, and crevice. This is because many gadgets, machines, vehicles, and some parts of buildings have delicate pieces that cannot be reached or cleaned with cloth. As the name…

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Pneumatic Valves: The Difference Between Pneumatic Shears and Nibblers

firefighters using pneumatic shears to open a car door

Air tools or pneumatic tools are powered by compressed air. The use of compressed air means the tools contain pneumatic valves that control the air compression and release. While professional contractors and factory workers commonly use air tools, homeowners and DIY enthusiasts are also known for using such tools. This is because air tools are…

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Powered by Air Rams, the Power Tool called Pneumatic Screwdriver

power tool pneumatic screwdriver

If you’re not familiar with power tools, aside from air-powered drills and impact wrenches, there is a power tool called a pneumatic screwdriver powered by compressed air using air rams. Pneumatic screwdrivers are more commonly used in factory assembly lines. It allows a worker to work on multiple screws in a single product without generating…

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Pressure Control Valve: Pneumatic Paint Spray Guns

pneumatic spray paint guns on display

To be realistic, painting with a brush or roller can be a tedious process. Unless you plan to employ a lot of workforce, and pay incredibly close attention to detail, it is more than likely that the paint finish will be less than perfect, and take up a lot of time. A better choice to…

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Flow Control Valve: The Pneumatic Socket Wrench

air socket wrench and bolts on the floor

A pneumatic socket wrench or impact wrench is a power tool used for tightening or loosening rusted or frozen fasteners, large bolts, and lug nuts. The tool provides a high rotational torque that regular or manual power drivers cannot offer. Pneumatic socket impact wrenches provide this power through an internal hammering mechanism using a flow…

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Dental Air Rams or Compressors for Pneumatic Dental Units

display of dental tools

A dental air compressor is a specially designed compressor used for pneumatic dental units in dental or medical practice. All of a dentist’s essential tools used in dental practice are powered by these dental air rams. To prevent patients from getting harmful contaminants, air compressors are strictly regulated and are all oil-free, using exclusively compressed…

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Flow Control Valve: The HVAC Control System

close up of air conditioning unit

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. This is equipment that uses a control system to regulate the operation of the heating or air conditioning system. This can be a sensing device like a pneumatic control system or flow control valve that uses compressed air to receive and send signals that control HVAC equipment. …

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