How to Specify Pneumatic Valves and Cylinders

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Pneumatic cylinders or pneumatic valves are offered with different industry standards. Within these standards, pneumatic cylinders come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types, and embrace a wide range of optional features. Of course, each pneumatic type and configuration has a place in today’s motion-centric automation environment.

But sometimes, a special job falls outside any standard product offering. Only a tailored or custom pneumatic cylinder will be able to do the job. Although customised pneumatic cylinders can often be expensive or time-consuming, or both, they can be time and investment well spent so long as the cylinders are properly specified.

Push and pull forces

Determine properly the force required to size up the cylinder. When the force is known, the bore size of the cylinder needed can be determined. Pulling force, calculated when the cylinder retracts, brings the rod diameter into account.

Cylinder stroke

Stroke is usually a given for cylinder applications. But this must be determined early for specifying pneumatic cylinders and determine how much of a package size is needed to address mounting style. Does the cylinder need to pull a load that requires a 15-ft stroke? How many inches or feet do you need from a stroke to lift a stop gate on a conveyor or to push a load off the conveyor?


Mounting is a challenging issue because it determines the way the cylinder needs to be mounted and if there is proper structure and space to do so. Will the cylinder push a load linearly or turn a crank arm? The answer determines the type of mount needed for the cylinder.

Space availability

As mentioned above, you need to figure out how much space the cylinder requires and compare it to the real space available. You need to know exactly what you need and how much space is realistically available.

What type of cylinder is best suited to my needs?

Does your cylinder need to be interchangeable, compact, and non-repairable, or is the application heavy duty? If space is at a premium (as opposed to having plenty of space), do you need to start with a compact style of a pneumatic cylinder?


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