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Pneumatic Valves: Industries that Use Pneumatic Applications

farmers inspecting machinery

The word pneumatics is derived from the Greek word, “Pneuma,” meaning air or wind. Pneumatic systems use air or gas as the medium because air can be sufficiently exhausted into the atmosphere after completing its assigned task. Compressed air is used to transmit energy. Hydraulic systems using pneumatic valves or systems are being used extensively…

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Pneumatic Valves: Buffers vs Polishers

worker using pneumatic polisher

For anyone new to vehicle detailing, the terms buffer and polisher might be confusing. This can be even more so if you need to purchase pneumatic valves for either one. This comes from the common mass notion that buffing and polishing are both the same with the aim of improving a car’s surface. So, what’s…

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Pneumatic Valves: What is an Air Suspension System?

mechanics checking air suspension

Historically, the United States developed the first practical air suspension system during World War II, specifically for heavy bombers and transport aircraft. Initially, suspension systems for vehicles and aircraft either used springs or were non-existent. The invention of air suspension meant that weight could be saved through a self-levelling system while achieving an axle height…

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What is Cable Jetting? Pneumatic Valves and Cable Jetting Machines

workers cleaning out debris with water hose

What is Cable Jetting? Cable jetting, sometimes called cable blowing, is the process of putting or blowing a fibre cable into a duct or conduit using the technique of compressed air blowing or pushing the cable into place. To achieve this, a cable jetting or cable blowing machine is used. This machine is engineered and…

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Pneumatic Valves: The Value and Uses of Pneumatic Timers

zoomed in control knob

Pneumatic timers are industrial components used in industrial fields wherein an electrical spark caused by an electric current can be dangerous and destructive. They are commonly used in the oil and gas industry where flammable substances are all around the facilities. A single, tiny, electric spark could cause a fire of dramatic proportions. Thus, pneumatic…

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Pneumatic Valves: The Difference Between Pneumatic Shears and Nibblers

firefighters using pneumatic shears to open a car door

Air tools or pneumatic tools are powered by compressed air. The use of compressed air means the tools contain pneumatic valves that control the air compression and release. While professional contractors and factory workers commonly use air tools, homeowners and DIY enthusiasts are also known for using such tools. This is because air tools are…

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Pneumatic Valves Technology: The Many Uses of Pneumatic Bladders

cargo ship at sea

Pneumatic bladders are hermetic containers of air configured to specific or unique shapes and sizes. They are devices that are made out of flexible materials like fabrics or rolled sheets of films that are filled with air. Pneumatic bladders use the concept and technology of pneumatic valves, but instead of using pressurised air to move…

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Brands of Pneumatic Valves Distributed by Master Mac 2000

solenoid valves with pipes

When Master Mac 2000 was founded in 1989, it has been distributing pneumatic valves, air rams, and other pressure control valve and flow control valve parts and components from some of the world’s top quality brands. These leading global brands give Master Mac 2000 the edge as one of Australia’s top distributors of pneumatic valves…

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Blocking Valves – A Different Sort of Pneumatic Valves

fire house on the ground

Blocking valves are pneumatic valves of any type used to close off any kind of flow. These flows can be through a pipeline or out of a tank. Such valves used in blocking include gate valves, ball valves, and plug valves. A blocking valve can be locked in either the closed or open position to…

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Compressed Air Rams or Air Treatment Valves

sealed air tight bottles

Air treatment valves, sometimes called air rams, is usually a single, high-performance valve on main flow that handles regulation for relief functions. It is typically controlled by a high-precision pilot regulator with a controlled relief. This type of valve can also be used in a series with a manual on-off valve, with an electric valve,…

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The Applications of the Pneumatic Valves Called Microvalves

water meter

Microvalves are small pneumatic valves that have particularly small components that are used in the field of microfluidics and fluidics to control fluids and gases. They are generally used for regulating or shutting off the flow fluids or gasses. For this to happen, a closure element like a disc, ball, or cone, is moved almost…

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