How to Specify Pneumatic Valves and Cylinders

pneumatic cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders or pneumatic valves are offered with different industry standards. Within these standards, pneumatic cylinders come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types, and embrace a wide range of optional features. Of course, each pneumatic type and configuration has a place in today’s motion-centric automation environment. But sometimes, a special job falls…

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Types of Pneumatic Valves: The Pneumatic Gripper

leading brand of pnuematic gripper manufacturer

Pneumatic grippers are pick-and-place machines that use compressed air to operate gripper jaws that are also called gripping fingers. These fingers, almost similar in design to human fingers, help in holding, grasping, and releasing work or load items. Commonly, grippers have two fingers that can be parallel or angular, or three fingers with single or…

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Mack Pneumatic Valves: Proudly Australian Made

pneumatic device for air pressure and direction control

Mack Valves are made in Australia. Its pneumatic valves and other valves and cylinder systems are widely known internationally for their reliability, robust designs, and longevity. Master Mac 2000 is proud to be one of its distributors, especially in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. And as the leading Australian valve manufacturer, Mack Valves is…

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All About Pneumatic Butterfly Valves Installation

butterfly valves for air supply

Butterfly valves, also called flap valves, are regulating pneumatic valves with a simple structure. Butterfly valves are used in many varying fluid services and even perform well in slurry applications. These valves can be used in vacuum, firefighting, gasses, air, cooling water, cryogenics, steam, and liquids services. The valves can be used in all industries…

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How to Select the Right Pneumatic Valves

engineer checking on a pneumatic valve

Any pneumatic system uses compressed air to power anything. This is why you can find pneumatic valves in a wide range of industrial applications. With almost all pneumatic systems, you will always find a pneumatic valve of a specific type.  Pneumatic valves are responsible for controlling the compressed air, the rate of this air, and…

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Pneumatic Valves: How Does a Pneumatic Impact Wrench Work?

mechanic using pneumatic wrench to fix tire

An impact wrench is a tool that is used when no other hand wrench will work. Sometimes a lug nut, screw, or fastener has been wound too tightly, the head has been stripped of its grip, has become frozen or too rusted. An impact wrench brings additional force and grip to turn the lug or…

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Pneumatic Valves: What is Pneumatic Transmission?

components of an agricultural machine

Pneumatic transmission is the transfer of power for gas or fluid pressure through compressed air as the working medium. The system of transferring power is simply transferring compressed air through the pipe and pneumatic valves or pressure control valves to the pneumatic actuator. This transferal action transforms the pressure of the compressed air into mechanical…

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Pneumatic Valves: Industries that Use Pneumatic Applications

farmers inspecting machinery

The word pneumatics is derived from the Greek word, “Pneuma,” meaning air or wind. Pneumatic systems use air or gas as the medium because air can be sufficiently exhausted into the atmosphere after completing its assigned task. Compressed air is used to transmit energy. Hydraulic systems using pneumatic valves or systems are being used extensively…

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Pneumatic Valves: Buffers vs Polishers

worker using pneumatic polisher

For anyone new to vehicle detailing, the terms buffer and polisher might be confusing. This can be even more so if you need to purchase pneumatic valves for either one. This comes from the common mass notion that buffing and polishing are both the same with the aim of improving a car’s surface. So, what’s…

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Pneumatic Valves: What is an Air Suspension System?

mechanics checking air suspension

Historically, the United States developed the first practical air suspension system during World War II, specifically for heavy bombers and transport aircraft. Initially, suspension systems for vehicles and aircraft either used springs or were non-existent. The invention of air suspension meant that weight could be saved through a self-levelling system while achieving an axle height…

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What is Cable Jetting? Pneumatic Valves and Cable Jetting Machines

workers cleaning out debris with water hose

What is Cable Jetting? Cable jetting, sometimes called cable blowing, is the process of putting or blowing a fibre cable into a duct or conduit using the technique of compressed air blowing or pushing the cable into place. To achieve this, a cable jetting or cable blowing machine is used. This machine is engineered and…

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Pneumatic Valves: The Value and Uses of Pneumatic Timers

zoomed in control knob

Pneumatic timers are industrial components used in industrial fields wherein an electrical spark caused by an electric current can be dangerous and destructive. They are commonly used in the oil and gas industry where flammable substances are all around the facilities. A single, tiny, electric spark could cause a fire of dramatic proportions. Thus, pneumatic…

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