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The Barostat and the Flow Control Valve in the Medical and Health Industry

illustration of digestive system

A barostat is a device used in the medical or health industry to maintain constant pressure in an enclosed environment. The main principle of the device is to provide a constant pressure in a balloon employing a flow control valve and pneumatic pump. A barostat is normally used in neurogastroenterology research. The device measures sensory…

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Flow Control Valve: Vacuum Pumps Explained

vacuum pump on air conditioner

A vacuum pump removes air particles or gas molecules from a sealed space to achieve a difference to create a partial vacuum in pressure. In short, vacuum pumps are mostly used to keep a machine clean inside or to externally clean out a machine. You could say a vacuum pump is an oversized flow control…

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Flow Control Valve: Pneumatic Press vs Hydraulic Press

electric pneumatic press

In many industrial settings, shop presses are used to perform a variety of industrial physical tasks. These presses are capable of applying anywhere between one and thirty tonnes of pressure. They are extremely useful in many and several settings. The pneumatic press and hydraulic press are two of the most common machine tools and are…

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Flow Control Valve: All About Pneumatic Fittings

variation of plastic fittings

Pneumatic fittings, also called push-fit fittings or flow control valve fittings, are easy to use and require no special skill with a torch or solvents. The fittings are engineered with a ring of metal spurs inside the fittings to tightly grip pipes when inserted into the fittings sockets. O-rings inside the fittings form tight, waterproof…

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Flow Control Valve: All About Pneumatic Rivet Guns

a rivet gun

Pneumatic rivet guns are standard tools in the aerospace manufacturing, transportation, and construction industries. Rivet guns use pressurised gas as the force to drive rivets or other metallic bonds to bind two metallic objects together. Like other pneumatic tools, the compressed air passes through the regulator and throttle flow control valve to make the piston…

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Flow Control Valve: Pneumatics and Robots

robotic arm in industrial setting

When people think of industrial robots, or any robot in general, they think that all moving parts use electrical motors and mechanical servos. But many robots today use air-powered systems, or pneumatics, to work. A compressor generates the compressed air, and the air moves to a reservoir that stores the air. A flow control valve…

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Flow Control Valve: What Is a Die Grinder, and How Is It Used?

hand holding a die grinder

A versatile air-powered pneumatic tool often overlooked is the die grinder. Not many people are familiar with the die grinder. A die grinder is a small, handheld tool with a rotating spindle. Although it needs electric or battery power to operate, a flow control valve controls the compressed air pressure that spins the spindle with…

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Flow Control Valve: The Pneumatic Socket Wrench

air socket wrench and bolts on the floor

A pneumatic socket wrench or impact wrench is a power tool used for tightening or loosening rusted or frozen fasteners, large bolts, and lug nuts. The tool provides a high rotational torque that regular or manual power drivers cannot offer. Pneumatic socket impact wrenches provide this power through an internal hammering mechanism using a flow…

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Flow Control Valve: The HVAC Control System

close up of air conditioning unit

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. This is equipment that uses a control system to regulate the operation of the heating or air conditioning system. This can be a sensing device like a pneumatic control system or flow control valve that uses compressed air to receive and send signals that control HVAC equipment. …

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Flow Control Valve: The Adjustable Diaphragm Pressure Switch – Made to Measure Pressure

line of water pumps and motors

The adjustable diaphragm pressure switch is a flow control valve with the main application of measuring and monitoring pressure and direct switching for electrical loads. For liquid, chemical, and petrochemical industries, diaphragm pressure switches also measure pressure through general process instrumentation. This is usually done in the power generation, oil and gas industries, nuclear power…

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A Special Kind of Flow Control Valve: The Poppet Valve

steam engine train

A poppet valve is a type of flow control valve that uses a ball and seat instead of a traditional spool. People don’t realise that their vehicles use a poppet valve as a directional valve every day when they drive to work. Without a poppet valve, a vehicle’s combustion engine wouldn’t be able to function.…

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