How to Adjust a Flow Control Valve

man adjusting valve

A flow control valve is used on many gas, plumbing, and mechanical dispensing systems and devices. The best example of a flow control valve is the crank valve on a garden hose that regulates the flow of water when the valve is turned in the open direction. Flow control valve adjustments are similar on most…

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Flow Control Valve: Why You Need to Adjust Your Pressure Regulator

closeup of oxygen tank port

Pressure regulators are high performing cylinders or valves that are designed to provide reliable control of pressure in the various stages of a flow system. The output pressure of a pressure regulator is sensed through a diaphragm or flow control valve. This in turn decompresses or compresses a spring inside the regulator. The compression of…

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The Flow Control Valve Called a Spool Valve

Complex control system of gas equipment

A spool valve is a type of flow control valve that is part of a hydraulic or pneumatic system that controls or regulates the flow of fluid or compressed air in a system. The valve is made of cylindrical spools that slide or rotate which allows or stops the flow of liquid. The spool valve…

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Flow Control Valve: What is a Quick Exhaust Valve?

engine exhaust valves

A quick exhaust valve is a flow control valve that provides a rapid exhaust of controlled air when placed directly with an air cylinder after the control valve. Quick exhaust valves are often used with certain mechanical parts to make the reaction time of certain parts faster. The valves exhaust their air into the atmosphere…

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Your Flow Control Valve Maintenance Checklist

pressure control valve for industry

We often talk about valve and cylinder performance. But like any part of a machine or system, flow control valves need to be inspected and maintained. So, how do you troubleshoot and do preventive maintenance on a flow control valve?  Inspecting, confirming, and checking flow control valves for performance  Confirm that the nuts and bolts…

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The Barostat and the Flow Control Valve in the Medical and Health Industry

illustration of digestive system

A barostat is a device used in the medical or health industry to maintain constant pressure in an enclosed environment. The main principle of the device is to provide a constant pressure in a balloon employing a flow control valve and pneumatic pump. A barostat is normally used in neurogastroenterology research. The device measures sensory…

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Flow Control Valve: Vacuum Pumps Explained

vacuum pump on air conditioner

A vacuum pump removes air particles or gas molecules from a sealed space to achieve a difference to create a partial vacuum in pressure. In short, vacuum pumps are mostly used to keep a machine clean inside or to externally clean out a machine. You could say a vacuum pump is an oversized flow control…

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Flow Control Valve: Pneumatic Press vs Hydraulic Press

electric pneumatic press

In many industrial settings, shop presses are used to perform a variety of industrial physical tasks. These presses are capable of applying anywhere between one and thirty tonnes of pressure. They are extremely useful in many and several settings. The pneumatic press and hydraulic press are two of the most common machine tools and are…

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Flow Control Valve: All About Pneumatic Fittings

variation of plastic fittings

Pneumatic fittings, also called push-fit fittings or flow control valve fittings, are easy to use and require no special skill with a torch or solvents. The fittings are engineered with a ring of metal spurs inside the fittings to tightly grip pipes when inserted into the fittings sockets. O-rings inside the fittings form tight, waterproof…

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Flow Control Valve: All About Pneumatic Rivet Guns

a rivet gun

Pneumatic rivet guns are standard tools in the aerospace manufacturing, transportation, and construction industries. Rivet guns use pressurised gas as the force to drive rivets or other metallic bonds to bind two metallic objects together. Like other pneumatic tools, the compressed air passes through the regulator and throttle flow control valve to make the piston…

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Flow Control Valve: Pneumatics and Robots

robotic arm in industrial setting

When people think of industrial robots, or any robot in general, they think that all moving parts use electrical motors and mechanical servos. But many robots today use air-powered systems, or pneumatics, to work. A compressor generates the compressed air, and the air moves to a reservoir that stores the air. A flow control valve…

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