Mack Pneumatic Valves: Proudly Australian Made

pneumatic device for air pressure and direction control
For pneumatic valves, trust Mack Valves. We offer such vales at Master Mac 2000.

Mack Valves are made in Australia. Its pneumatic valves and other valves and cylinder systems are widely known internationally for their reliability, robust designs, and longevity. Master Mac 2000 is proud to be one of its distributors, especially in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. And as the leading Australian valve manufacturer, Mack Valves is focused to provide quality engineering solutions to our global and local customers.

A tradition of quality

For more than 80 years, Mack Valves has been a proud Australian manufacturer in developing innovative solutions, first for local industries, and today, for critical and essential industry sectors worldwide. Mack Valves have become essential for various industry sectors such as water management, mining, industrial/steam, and cryogenic industries. 

Mack Valves has world-class manufacturing facilities in Melbourne, Australia, and Pune, India. Dedicated engineering teams produce valves and cylinders of the highest quality standards and product certifications globally.

An Australian story: ingenuity because of necessity

Back in 1939, Malcolm E. Mack was trading in armatures. Australia wasn’t a fully industrialised country and relied heavily on the UK and other countries for vital spare parts or replacement equipment. This can take as long as 6 months for delivery. Because of this time-consuming factor, Mack founded his company out of the need to offer technical solutions to the defence industry at that time. 

After the war, Mack focused on local Australian businesses, offering solutions for steam applications and sterilisation of surgical instruments for hospitals. As time goes, Mack developed products for other vital Australian industry sectors.

Mack Valves strictly conforms to appropriate local and international standards

Mack Valves complies with all Australian and international standards and requirements and continually updates where it is appropriate for improvement in the management of its quality systems. The company has adopted the requirements and recommendations of ISO 9001:2015 as the basis of its quality management system, with no exclusions.

Mack Valves understands that all industries demand quality and performance, so the company makes sure that all its products are dependable, right down to the smallest valve. It has all the necessary and required certifications and registrations.    

Master Mac 2000 P/L

Master Mac 2000 is the sole authorised distributor of pneumatic valves for Mack Valves in the Queensland and Northern New South Wales areas. We can also provide technical support from our head office and warehouse in Coopers Plains, Queensland. For more information or enquiries, or to view all our Mack products, message or visit at or call us at 07 3344 4711.

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