Understanding Air Rams Shut Off Systems or Shut Off Valves

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Shut off valves are also called air rams shut off systems, lockout valves, cut off valves, shutdown valves, emergency valves, ball valves, and exhausting valves.

Shut off valves are designed to safely manage compressed air used for pneumatic applications. They are also used to block compressed air in any industrial automation process during emergencies or to isolate sub-systems that are not in use.

How do shut off valves work?

This type of valve is often used as a safety-related precaution as part of an air preparation unit. Having a shutoff valve as a safety valve can save time and money and is considered best practice in terms of safety. Shut off valves also allow for quicker servicing of specific equipment without affecting the rest of the system by quickly stopping compressed air from reaching the part of the application being serviced. 

Shut off valves are easy to use and operate, and can be used in the event of a safety risk, emergencies, equipment failure, and to carry out emergency maintenance.

Some shutoff valves have the option to be locked in the closed position and be tamper-proof with the aid of a padlock. Others can have the lock out, tag out (LOTO) system wherein a machine cannot be restarted until repair work is all finished.

Selecting the correct shut off valve

There are different sizes and types of shut off valves available depending on the operation or application they are needed for. To select the correct type of shut off valve, you need to consider in your industry:

  • Environment and temperature.
  • Port size, position, and type.
  • Pressure.
  • Range.
  • Size and weight.  
  • Type of application or requirement.

Automatically activated

Automatic shut off valve systems will recognise when a machine or engine begins to overheat and will activate automatically. This requires no physical action from equipment operators or other workers. They are available in pneumatic actuation and can monitor RPMs or air intake from the machine or engine to detect an emergency. These valve systems are recognised as the most reliable and safest way to protect any application.

Manually activated

Manual shut off valves require human intervention for activation. However, it can still effectively do the job of shutting down a runaway machine or engine. The most common manual shut off valve systems are activated by pull cable, toggle switch, or handle. 

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