Air Rams: What is a Telescopic Cylinder?

telescopic cylinder

A telescopic cylinder is a specially designed hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic cylinder with an air rams pulley system that provides an exceptionally long output length from a very compact retracted length. The collapsed length of a telescopic cylinder can be 20 to 40% of the fully extended length, depending on the number of stages. Some…

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Air Rams: What Makes Pneumatic Lockout Valves Important?

worker in protective gear checking air pressure

Many industries and facilities use compressed air to power production lines. However, improper management of compressed air utilities during maintenance or emergency situations will have serious consequences. To prevent accidents and personal injuries, there should be a proper installation and use of a simple device called a pneumatic lockout valve. These specialised air rams facilitate…

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Air Rams: What is an Air Filter Regulator?

Compressed Air Filter Regulator Lubricator

Diaphragm pumps run on compressed air; but as the air exits the compressor going to the pump, the air is warm, dirty, and sometimes brings moisture. These can damage or shorten the lifespan of downstream equipment, such as valves. So, before this air can be used, it needs to be cleaned and controlled by air…

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Air Rams: The Benefits of Exercising with Pneumatic Resistance Training Equipment

man working out with gym equipment

When pneumatic strength training technology first came out in the 1980s, they were quite expensive, and so, only Olympic and professional sports teams, and a small number of high-end training facilities could afford them. But by the 21st Century, the use of pneumatic training equipment has spread in popularity, including many fitness centres. Being pneumatic,…

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Air Rams: Benefits and Uses of Air Cylinders

pneumatic cylinder on a flat surface

Space is often a major consideration in any industry when designing equipment for any application. While compact air cylinders or air rams have been used for decades, their popularity continues to rise because their low profile and short stroke can accommodate tight spaces where traditional cylinders would not fit. Don’t be fooled by the small…

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Air Rams: Some Simple Facts about Air Hammers

worker uses air hammer chisel

The pneumatic hammer, also called air hammer, power hammer, or air chisel, is a power tool that uses compressed air exclusively. The tool is used to carve, drill, or chip away at stone, metal, and other hard materials. Air hammers are used to cut through a surface, dig a hole, smoothen a surface, or shape…

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Flow Control Valve: All About Pneumatic Rivet Guns

a rivet gun

Pneumatic rivet guns are standard tools in the aerospace manufacturing, transportation, and construction industries. Rivet guns use pressurised gas as the force to drive rivets or other metallic bonds to bind two metallic objects together. Like other pneumatic tools, the compressed air passes through the regulator and throttle flow control valve to make the piston…

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Air Rams: How Bicycle Pumps Work

man pumping air to bicycle tire

Bicycle riders use small and handy bicycle pumps regularly. This is probably why you’ll always see an air pump strapped to a bicycle. If you use one regularly, do you know how they actually work? The objective of any bike pump is to force air out of the air rams or valves and into the…

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Flow Control Valve: Pneumatics and Robots

robotic arm in industrial setting

When people think of industrial robots, or any robot in general, they think that all moving parts use electrical motors and mechanical servos. But many robots today use air-powered systems, or pneumatics, to work. A compressor generates the compressed air, and the air moves to a reservoir that stores the air. A flow control valve…

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Air Rams: How Pneumatic or Air Brakes Work

mechanic changes car brakes

Air brakes operate using air through pneumatic air rams. An air braking system maintains pressurised air inside its design, so the moment a driver applies the brake, pressure in the line starts dropping. The pressure drop results in the application of the brakes on the wheels. Air brake systems are used primarily on heavy vehicles…

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