Air Rams: The Benefits of Exercising with Pneumatic Resistance Training Equipment

man working out with gym equipment
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When pneumatic strength training technology first came out in the 1980s, they were quite expensive, and so, only Olympic and professional sports teams, and a small number of high-end training facilities could afford them. But by the 21st Century, the use of pneumatic training equipment has spread in popularity, including many fitness centres. Being pneumatic, this training equipment simply uses compressed air from inner air rams for the controlled resistance rather than using traditional stacks of weight with a system of wires and pulleys.

The use of pneumatic resistance training machines has been proven to be safer and more effective for those who just want to work out, professional athletes, and even older adults and those recovering from an injury.

There is no inertia with pneumatic resistance

Pneumatic resistance greatly limits inertia. This means the user won’t swing forwards or backwards while using the equipment. This allows the user to smoothly move through the exercises without joint strain or sudden movements that could cause injury or pain.

Real control over resistance

The stability of the resistance is well maintained by pneumatic machines. This reduces the risk of unexpected shifts in the level of resistance that can result in slips. This high level of resistance control eliminates strain on the joints and connective tissues and reduces the chances of injury.

Safe workouts for any age and ability level

Pneumatic resistance machines are safe for everyone, regardless of ability level or age. For older adults and seniors, this means the ability to exercise and engage in physical activities again. These activities mean less depression, less social isolation, and reducing illness and injury. There is a significant increase in the quality of life.

More effective and faster workouts

With pneumatic resistance machines, the level of resistance is consistent throughout the moves. This allows the muscles and joints to maintain a steady level of activity and so, muscles remain engaged throughout the whole range of motion. This high level of consistency also allows all users to safely navigate through all sets of exercising at a faster pace.

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