Flow Control Valve: All About Pneumatic Rivet Guns

Pneumatic rivet guns are standard tools in the aerospace manufacturing, transportation, and construction industries. Rivet guns use pressurised gas as the force to drive rivets or other metallic bonds to bind two metallic objects together. Like other pneumatic tools, the compressed air passes through the regulator and throttle flow control valve to make the piston inside the sliding valve work when pushed by the compressed air.

Why use a pneumatic rivet gun?

When being manufactured, a modern Airbus A380 contains more than 1 million rivets. Building a single A380 takes around 60 days. Imagine if each rivet was attached using a manual tool; this means that it would take even longer than 60 days to finish one jet. It would also mean hiring more labour for just riveting alone. Also, no one will trust flying in a jet airline that was riveted entirely by hand.

This is why rivet guns are quite essential in manufacturing industries. The pneumatic energy from the tool completely replaces manual tools and brute human strength. Rivets can be attached more efficiently, more cleanly, and more tightly with less effort, time, and labour cost. Ten modern riveters take the place of 100 manual riveters.

What are the advantages of using pneumatic rivet guns?

  • Lightweight – Modern handheld rivet guns are constructed to fit perfectly in the right hands and won’t tire out the arms. Even so-called heavy-duty pneumatic rivet guns only weigh around 12 pounds.
  • Ease of use – Pneumatic rivet guns use a simple process when attaching rivets. This allows riveters to attach multiple rivets in a short period without placing physical stress on the hands and arms.
  • Steady power source – Although cordless rivet guns exist, the standard rivet guns in industries are powered through their electric cord for an endless power source.
  • Quality riveting – Rivet guns deliver precision riveting attachment every time with little effort. The margin of error is far less than with a manual tool.

But pneumatic rivet guns aren’t perfect for every use

  • Limited range – For riveting in hard-to-reach areas or remote work, a cordless riveter is needed. This means charging the batteries and topping off the compressed air supply since electric cords and air compressor hoses can’t be used.
  • Tricky maintenance – Rivet guns and air compressors need to be checked daily and oiled or lubricated daily.

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