Air Rams: Benefits and Uses of Air Cylinders

pneumatic cylinder on a flat surface
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Space is often a major consideration in any industry when designing equipment for any application. While compact air cylinders or air rams have been used for decades, their popularity continues to rise because their low profile and short stroke can accommodate tight spaces where traditional cylinders would not fit.

Don’t be fooled by the small size

These compact air rams or air cylinders may be small in size but they pack a large punch when they get working. They can be used for linear actuation and control in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Wire machinery
  • Bottling and filling
  • Automated sorting or assembly
  • Material handling
  • Food processing
  • Conveyor systems
  • Manufacturing and packaging

That small air cylinder can do a lot for your company

Single or double-acting air cylinders use direct pressure to either extend or retract the piston rod. This style is commonly used in applications in any industry. Compact air cylinders – as a pneumatic option – offers distinct advantages because of their design versatility, such as:

  • Feedback sensors can be used to accommodate multiple load positions.
  • Multi-piston design can be used to produce greater thrust.
  • More reliable and powerful performance.
  • Custom design offers unlimited options for any application.
  • Numerous standard configurations are possible.
  • Multiple mounting options to further support efficient design and make sure of top performance.
  • Greater equipment design flexibility.
  • Adaptable to more environments and applications.
  • Lighter weight.

Why not hydraulics cylinders?

It’s all in what’s powering the cylinder. Hydraulics cylinders use a lot of pressurised liquid to operate. While these may have their uses in a few industrial applications, hydraulic cylinders tend to be expensive and high-maintenance. 

Air cylinders primarily use pressurised air for quick rate of cycling. It can move at a high velocity more efficiently than any pressurised liquid can do. After all, air moves more efficiently than any liquid being shot through a hole. If you need pressurised liquid to move faster through a cylinder, you need a bigger borehole. On the other hand, pneumatic cylinders can work even through the smallest openings possible. 

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