Air Rams: What is an Air Filter Regulator?

Compressed Air Filter Regulator Lubricator
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Diaphragm pumps run on compressed air; but as the air exits the compressor going to the pump, the air is warm, dirty, and sometimes brings moisture. These can damage or shorten the lifespan of downstream equipment, such as valves. So, before this air can be used, it needs to be cleaned and controlled by air rams that are called filter regulators. 

How does an air filter regulator work? 

An air filter regulator is used to control the precision and speed of the flow of air while cleaning the air that travels from the compressor. The filter scrubs, strains, and traps any solid particles such as dirt, dust, rust, etc., and separates liquids, water, moisture, and oily compounds within the compressed air. 


The filter portion of the body creates a cyclonic action for the incoming air. This action is done to deposit water, moisture, and heavier particles to the bottom of a bowl baffle that collects this waste so it doesn’t mix with the compressed air. 


The regulator will allow air to flow through the air rams and valves only when the pressure is equalised. The downstream of the airflow enters into the inlet port and out of the outlet port. This process is continuous so long as the pressure is equalised at a set value. 

Applications of air filter regulators 

In any industry that uses compressed air systems, you are likely to find an air filter regulator. They can be found from transportation systems to supply manufacturing plants that all require some sort of high-grade filtration or pressure supply. 

Making an air filter regulator work 

Depending on the type of industrial application, all filter regulator units are always part of an air compression system with other components such as a shut-off valve and lubricator. When it is required, a gauge can be separately available and attached. Mounting brackets may be required, as well as tubing, fittings, and tamper-resistant kit if needed. A padlock system can also be attached as an option for additional security.   

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