Air Rams: Some Simple Facts about Air Hammers

worker uses air hammer chisel
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The pneumatic hammer, also called air hammer, power hammer, or air chisel, is a power tool that uses compressed air exclusively. The tool is used to carve, drill, or chip away at stone, metal, and other hard materials. Air hammers are used to cut through a surface, dig a hole, smoothen a surface, or shape one. As a cutting tool, the air hammer replaces the manual hammer and chisel because of its tremendous speed to do a job. Pneumatic hammers are usually attached to air rams or pneumatic valves that are then attached to a tube or hose and to a large compressor tank that pumps up air to make the air hammer work.

The important parts of an air hammer:

  • The piston

Located inside the cylinder, the piston is the only part of the air hammer that moves. Compressed air is pumped into the cylinder to make the piston move up and down to imitate the up and down of a hammer. While going up and down, the piston opens the air rams or valves that allow the compressed air to enter the cylinder to keep the piston moving.

  • The drill bit

The drill bit is the metal bar bit found at the bottom of the cylinder. Each time the piston makes contact with the drill bit, the latter is pushed into the surface to drill.

The best uses for air hammers

Air hammers can be found and commonly used in:

  • Metalworking shops use air hammers daily to shape and cut metal. Air hammers are commonly used to flatten, shape, and cut metal such as structural steel, 10-gauge steel, aircraft-grade aluminium, copper, and much more. The tool is also used for metal deburring and smoothing.
  • Cumbersome work that cannot be done with manual tools such as cutting exhaust pipes, unbolting frozen fasteners, split ball joints, and rubber bushings.
  • Penetrating tile, mortar, stone, concrete, and other masonry materials and removing strong and robust materials.

Another significant advantage of air hammers is that the user can choose multiple attachments to suit any specific project. Air hammers are usually universal, and so different manufacturer’s attachments can easily fit another maker’s hair hammer.

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