How Are Companies Such as Pneumatic Valves Distributor Master Mac 2000 Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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The dramatic spread of the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted global businesses and companies, communities, livelihoods, and lives in general. But many companies in the private sector such as Master Mac 2000 are finding ways to survive and innovate to minimise the impact on business, while staying on the safe side of public health and limiting disruptions to the supply chain of essential components, such as cylinders and pneumatic valves

Considerations for Companies to Become “Essential”

One of the first acts of governments around the world was to figure out what were “essentials” so that manufacturing, distribution, and sales of these critical essentials could continue. This meant that these essentials were prioritised in every aspect, including transporting and keeping its supply chain open.

However, it was also seen that manufacturers and distributors of “essential” components, parts, spares, and finished goods needed to stay open. These businesses were vital in supplying critical components and other goods to critical industries such as the power, energy, and water distribution sector, as well as the oil and gas industry and telecommunications. 

Concerns of Prolonged Recession and Job Losses

The coronavirus pandemic has spread throughout the world at almost breakneck speed. A vital cog in global economies, it has dramatically disrupted is the supply chain. Thus, even if an essential distributor of critical components such as pneumatic valves can remain open, it is at the mercy of the supply chain if components are manufactured in other more hard-hit countries such as the United States and Europe.

One top concern of manufacturers and distributors is a prolonged global recession in case the pandemic drags on to the end of the year, and even beyond. After all, sales and distribution of anything essential were much easier during the time when no one worried about virus precautions, social distancing, and constant wearing of protective face masks. 

In Australia, even some essential manufacturers and distributors were forced to close shop because of employees not showing up for work due to health risks. This is one sector wherein employees cannot do manufacturing and distribution remotely at home.

Master Mac 2000

Master Mac 2000, as part of the private sector, has remained open. It is working closely with the government and companies in vital sectors that play a critical role in keeping the economy going while reducing the spread of the virus. Master Mac 2000 coordinates with its partner companies to provide whatever vital component is needed, such as pneumatic valves, cylinders, and air rams for essential industrial sectors such as energy, power, and water utilities. If you require vital components for your industry or company, Master Mac 2000 even provides hard-to-find parts and spares. Visit their website today at

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