What is a Water Pressure Control Valve Regulator?

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Water pressure control valve regulators, or simply water pressure regulators, are plumbing valves that reduce water pressure from the local supply line to more localised lines. Water pressure can be a bane or a boon when it comes to local lines such as showers or opening the tap in the kitchen sink. You need the water pressure to be high enough to be comfortable and convenient. But then you also need to make sure that the pressure is not too much that could burst pipes and taps. Thus, a water pressure regulator or water pressure control valve helps to moderate pressure.

How does a water pressure regulator work?

The pressure control valve or water pressure regulator has an adjustable diaphragm that is spring-loaded to restrict water flow as needed and to lower the water pressure when it gets to a certain dangerous level. 

As the water enters the valve, it is constricted and comes back out at a lower pressure that is safe for local plumbing fixtures in homes. Typically, you can find this valve where the main water supply line connects to a home, or just after a home’s shutoff point.

Advantages of a water pressure regulator

  • Cuts back on water usage

A water pressure regulator helps cut back on water usage. It can also help lower the water bill consumption as well. This is most helpful in regions that have scarce water resources.

  • Protects your plumbing

A common concern with high water pressure is its potential effects on plumbing fixtures. The excess pressure may cause severe damage to taps, sinks, toilets, and the like. Thus, water pressure regulators keep a home from the unnecessary replacement of any part of the plumbing system.

  • Pressure regulators are easily repaired or replaced

At some period, a water pressure regulator will need repairs or be replaced altogether. This is easily done by just calling your local water supplier or a licensed plumber. They can also be called if a home is experiencing water pressure issues.

How to spot if a water pressure regulator is damaged

All plumbing fixtures eventually get damaged, and a water pressure regulator is no exception. If homeowners notice issues like water hammering, reduced water pressure, increased water pressure, and other such inconsistencies, the regulator might not be working properly anymore.

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