Pressure Control Valve: All About Air Pressure Sensors

man checking commercial HVAC system

For optimal HVAC systems and the proper performance of such systems, accurate air pressure measurement is important. Air pressure sensors are used to measure very low to high pressures in air and refrigerants. Pressure control valve sensors provide precise measurement of air pressure, any differential pressure, and high accuracy volumetric flow needing reliable monitoring. Air…

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Pressure Control Valve: All About The Check Valve

disco type check valve and butterfly valves

How does a check valve work? A check valve is a type of pressure control valve that allows only a single direction for the flow of fluids. There are only two ports: an inlet port and an output port. Since the media is only allowed to flow in one direction, check valves’ main purpose is…

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Pressure Control Valve: What are Manometres and How Do They Work?

pressure control machine

Manometres are precision instruments that are used to measure pressure. This is because pressure is the force exerted by either liquid or gas and its effects are owed to the weight of that gas or liquid. The pressure or the exerted force must be measured accurately. Depending on how their pressure control valve is configured,…

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Pressure Control Valve: What are Precision Pressure Regulators?

oxygen tank with gauges and pressure regulator

Pneumatic precision pressure – or simply precision – regulators are designed to provide a constant pressure output due to fluctuating supply pressure. The tool is similar to how a voltage regulator works. Precision regulators can give out varying degrees of accurate pressure concerning reduced pressure output. For more pressure-critical applications, precision regulators with a pressure…

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Pressure Control Valve: Clever and Unique Uses for Air Compressors

air compressors

Air compressors are used to convert normal air into denser and high-pressure air for different uses. These machines are found in a wide range of environments. The most common you often see are the uses in the professional and industrial sectors such as tire inflation at petrol stations, compressed air tools, airbrushing or spray painting,…

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Pressure Control Valve: What is an Air or Pneumatic Conveyor?

man using air conveyor in construction work

An air or pneumatic conveyor refers to a family of devices that use high-pressure air to move products and materials instead of using mechanical chains or belts. Air conveyors are most widely used to move lightweight objects such as trays, boxes, and empty containers. Conveyor speeds can reach up to 1,000 fpm. However, conveyors are…

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Pressure Control Valve: All About Air Hoists

vacuum hoist held by man

Air hoists are similar to an electric hoist, except the hoist is powered by an air compressor to remove those restrictions that are required when using an electric power supply. The compressed air that powers the hoist allows for weightless vertical movement or floating functionality. An air hoist is like a large pressure control valve…

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Pressure Control Valve: The Pneumatic Door Closer

an open door with a white space background

Pneumatic door closers are usually installed on door jambs or over doors found in large offices and other institutions. The doors are generally heavy, hence the need for pneumatic door closers. Upon opening the door, the air inside the door closer becomes compressed. When nothing is holding the door open anymore, the door closer uses…

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