The Importance of a Pressure Control Valve in the Water Supply Network

Challenged water distribution companies are committed to identifying and installing control mechanisms because of the rising cost of water leakage. The leakage problem has never been more prevalent than in this period of the coronavirus pandemic. Lockdowns and quarantines are forcing people to stay home or work from home, resulting in increased water consumption. To standardise and control water pressure, pressure control valves are being installed in water supply networks, known to be more effective and provide a faster return of investment. A pressure control valve has been proven to be more effective in controlling pressure and the occurrence of leakage. 

A pressure control valve and its network usually are sectored in areas defined by pressure levels according to topography. Once installed, the pressure control valve will limit high or downstream pressure. This shows the importance of pressure control valves as a loss reduction tool.

Why Use Pressure Control Valves?

Water isn’t as plentiful a source as everyone thinks. But as a natural resource that everyone needs, we need to protect it. We need to secure water for growing populations everywhere in the world. All types of control valves can help reduce water leakages and contribute to efficient water supply management. The valves can maintain a certain pressure, flow, or level regardless of any changes in the supply network.

Water Leakages and Its Effects

From the environmental perspective, when significant amounts of precious water are lost, it deprives many people who need to use it. It also strains the natural process to replenish this resource. The energy used to treat and distribute the lost water is wasted as well. For water distribution utilities, non-revenue water that has been produced and then lost before it reaches the customer through leaks is a source of unwanted cost.

A Pressure Control Valve Helps a Lot

Automatic pressure control valves are used to get efficient pressure and flow management. This results in savings for water companies, minimises risk of contamination, less disruption to consumers, reduced risk of pipe bursts and water hammering, and generally reduced water loss due to leakages. The fewer repairs a water utility does, the less disruption to the customers and the water distribution.


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