The Flow Control Valve from MasterMac2000

flow control valve

The function of a flow control valve is to regulate the flow rate for a specific portion of a hydraulic circuit. For hydraulic systems, they are used to control the flow rate when fluids are used in motors and cylinders. Thus, its main job is to regulate the speed of those components. 

Work, energy, and power

Hydraulic flow control valves also control the rate of energy transfer using any given pressure that is either pre-set or manually overridden. Thus, valves of this kind work based on the Physics concept of work (actual force), energy (distance travelled), and power (work done on load). The actuator or valve speed determines the rate of energy transfer, and so, speed is a function of the flow rate. 

Another type of flow control valve is the directional control valve that directs the energy transfer system to the appropriate location in the proper time. Some pressure and flow rate control can be achieved using these types of valves as they can throttle the flow of fluid.

Flow control valves from Master Mac 2000

Since 1980, MasterMac2000 has been an Australian owned and run distribution company. One of the top brands being distributed for valves and other sub-bases is Univer. An original brand, Univer and its high quality and high standard-based pneumatic valves and flow control valve range come either with mixed or spool systems for all series. They can be used for all applications, particularly for heavy applications. Other types that MasterMac2000 distributes from its main Brisbane office and warehouse are pressure control valves, compact valves, air valves, and accessories. You only need to enquire from a company representative and discuss your needs, projects, and even problems pertaining to valves and cylinders.

Quality valves for every need and specification

Aside from Univer, MasterMac2000 also distributes Mack, Bimba, Tolomatic, Mac, Piab, American, and much more.

MasterMac2000 guarantees that all its distributed products are of ISO quality. All valves and cylinders have the proper dimensions and aspects as well as the internal switching systems that fulfil the widest range of needs in pneumatic energy control. These valve and cylinder systems can maintain the essential characteristics for whatever the product is suited for. Each product is of high capacity, short internal stroke, and does not require any lubrication. 

In short, because of their high quality, all brands distributed by MasterMac2000 can completely fulfil any customer’s requirements and needs. Its flow control valve and cylinder range can be used for millions of cycles, even in heavy-duty environments and guarantees maximum safety and reliability. Visit the MasterMac2000 website today at and see the difference.

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