Signs to Look For in Troubleshooting a Hydraulic Pressure Control Valve

pressure control valve

Two of the highly efficient power-producing machines invented in the history of engineering are the hydraulics and pneumatic systems. And most of the manufacturing and engineering industries, even with the most advanced technology in this century, still rely on the competence of hydraulics. A hydraulic system has several parts that allow the whole mechanism to operate smoothly. One of the major components of the unit is the pressure control valve. It helps regulate the amount of pressure released into the system. Having the same functions as other valves, the pressure control valve acts as the regulator when it comes to controlling the force that passes through the system.

A hydraulic system mainly runs through water resources. Water is physically described as an incompressible matter, and according to Pascal’s Law, any fluid placed in an enclosed container, when pressed, can create a sustainable force on the opposite side, which makes liquid the perfect element to operate the machine.

Pascal’s law assists the concept of hydraulics, wherein the mechanism is described as taking advantage of the incompressibility and the density of any liquid form to create a force. The said force is achieved through using a narrow container with liquid in it to produce a pressurised energy.

Types of Pressure Control Valve

Pressure Relief Valve – is the part of the pressure control valve that serves as a device that limits the amount of pressure according to the settings of the machine and assists the flow of excess water from the pipes back to the tank.

Pressure Reducing Valve – while the pressure relief valve is in charge of the input of force, the pressure reducing valve is in charge of the output of pressure. As most pressure control valves have no enclosure, the pressure reducing valve helps regulate the flow passed into the subsystem.

Signs to Troubleshoot Hydraulic Pressure Control Valves:

Relief Valve

  • pipes are misaligned
  • valve fitting is loose
  • springs on valves are worn out

Reducing Valves

  • orifices are blocked
  • the valve is not adjusted appropriately
  • visible impurities in oil

Sequence Valve

  • untimely flow delivers inappropriate loads
  • valves are damaged
  • gasket is leaking

Unloading Valve

  • Valve fails to unload the pump
  • coil fastens the pipeline
  • valve setting is above the standard limit

Where to Get Reliable Hydraulic Spares

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