How a Flow Control Valve Helps Operate the Hydraulic Systems

flow control valve

Hydraulic systems run most of the mechanical machines in factories and even empowers massive trucks in the construction industry. The concept of hydraulics is straight forward, and it is considered as one of the most reliable and powerful engines invented. As part of a hydraulic system, a flow control valve plays a significant role.

All parts in the system of hydraulics are vital, but the flow control valves play an elaborate task. A flow control valve is a dial knob that controls the flow of liquid. It regulates the pressure and controls the amount of force required as output. It regulates the speed with the aid of an actuator. Once the device is set to the desired volume, it will then relay a specific amount of energy needed to power up a machine.

If you have not the slightest idea about how flow control valves work, the easiest way to compare it is to think of the water supply line in your neighbourhood. Before the water is delivered into your homes, it has to pass a point called the gate valve. The purpose of the gate valves is to control the flow of water that brings water from the water source, straight to your homes for convenience–sort of like the main faucet.

While the gate valves modulate the amount of fluid, it also allows the pipeline to reduce the pressure that may damage the fixtures if the gate valve’s aperture is remained fully opened. Same goes with the concept of flow control valves in the hydraulic system. Without it, the whole system would be in chaos.

Parts of a Hydraulic Flow Control Valves

Valve Actuator – manually operated, it serves as the gate or dial to open or close the mechanism to release the desired amount and flow of fluid.

Valve Body – is the part of the flow control valve that lets the fluid flow from the water source to the pipelines.

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