Quality Pressure Control Valve from Master Mac 2000

pressure control valveMaster Mac 2000 has been distributing control valves made by Univer since 1989. Univer has been manufacturing valves since 1980, and its standards-based pneumatic pressure control valve for all types of medium or heavy applications in all industries.

Master Mac 2000 also offer other types such as compact valves and flow control valves, as well as accessories and more.

What are Valves?

Valves or control valves are used to control the flow of liquids as directed by a controller signal by varying the size of the flow passage. This enables the direct control of the flow rate as well as control of the process quantity such as liquid level, temperature, and pressure.

Specifically, pressure control valves allow for the regulation of system pressure to adjust the force of the torque on a hydraulic motor shaft or the hydraulic piston rod. Thus, pressure control valves are used to control or set the maximum pressure in the circuit and protect it from overloading. The valve permanently maintains the output pressure at a set value while protecting the system from overloading. This valve can also be designed for economical pressure control in accumulator-operated circuits that serve as a power source for emergency control.

Master Mac 2000 Valves

Compact Valves – With a high flow rate of 310 NI/min and compact size of 10mm – the highest reduction of overall dimensions, it is easy to install with all pneumatic connections on the same side.

Complementary Valves – Pneumatic actuators, blocking valves, pneumo-electric transducer, etc.

Poppet Valves – For heavy applications for its fast commutation, large number of cycles, and high flow rate.

Standards-Based Valves – This pressure valve can come with either mixed or spool system. The mixed system is for heavy applications, while spool is for all applications.

Quality brands like Univer, Mack, Tolomatic, Mac, Piab, American, and Rotoflux are carried by Master Mac 2000, one of Australia’s largest privately-owned pneumatic companies, selling pressure control valve since 1989. For enquiries and to request quotes, visit Master Mac 2000 website at https://mastermac2000.com.au/.

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