The Difference Between a Pressure Control Valve and Pressure Relief Valve

pressure control valve

What is the distinction between a pressure control valve and a pressure relief valve?

In the most basic terms, the difference is that pressure control valves are the first line of defence and is therefore used for primary safety, while pressure relief valves are used as a last resort backup since they are used to maintain a pre-set downstream pressure. Pressure control valves are used for applications dealing with reducing pressure to a cylinder.

The importance of using pressure control valves

Pressure control valves switch or control a predetermined pressure setting. The switching pressure is generally a variable setting on the valve itself. The change in the position of the pressure control valve happens either suddenly (by switching) or gradually (by controlling). 

Pressure control valves are sometimes called hydraulic valves. Since a hydraulic system can only function within its requirements by using valves, any company should always search for the right kind of hydraulic valve to serve any intended purpose. This is the primary importance of a pressure control valve as well as a pressure relief valve.

A pressure control valve acts to change resistance to the flow of any fluid but does not change its destination. Any fluid passing through a pressure control valve will continue on its intended destination it was proposed for. This type of valve is found in all kinds of hydraulic systems, regardless of what type of fluid is flowing through. Valves also assist in a variety of functions such as keeping system pressures safely below a desired upper limit or maintaining a set pressure in a set circuit. A pressure control valve also makes sure that energy usage is optimised and system performance is smooth.

Pressure relief valves

A pressure relief valve is a fixed device that reduces pressure even if there is no flow coming through. They are mainly used to reduce pressure proportionally. They are typically found in hydraulic systems for both fluid or steam environments.

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