The Essentials of a Pressure Control Valve

pressure control valve

A pressure control valve is found in every hydraulic system. This type of valve assists in a variety of functions such as keeping system pressures safely below a pre-set pressure as part of a circuit. There are different types of pressure control valves, including relief valves, reducing valves, sequence valves, counterbalance valves, and unloading valves. All these valves are actually closed valves, except for reducing valves, which are always open. For most of these valves, a restriction is necessary to produce the required pressure control. One exception is the externally and manually operated unloading valve that depends on an external manual operation for its actuation.

Cracking pressure and pressure override

Fluid and hydraulic systems are designed to operate within a pre-set pressure range. This range is a function of the forces the actuators in the system must generate for the actual fluid flowing. Without the means to control or limit these forces, the fluid power equipment and components can be damaged, and these equipment and components are quite expensive. Pressure control valves such as relief valves avoid this hazard. These valves are the safeguards that limit maximum pressure in a system by diverting excess fluids when pressures get too high.

Distributing pressure control valves since 1989

MasterMac2000 has been distributing original and quality valves and cylinders since 1989. This also includes sub-bases, pneumatic valves, and mixed or spool systems for all types of applications, including heavy applications. MasterMac2000 even distributes a pressure control valve range, compact valves, flow control valves, air valves, and including accessories. 

Complementary valves are also available such as pneumatic actuators with brass ball valves, binary counter with or without electrical control or pneumatic control, blocking valves, pneumoelectric transducers, and more, depending on what the needs of the client or industry are.

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