Pneumatic Valves and Other Industrial Equipment Responses in a Post-COVID-19 World

pneumatic valves

Australia and most countries worldwide are experiencing the thawing down of lockdowns and strict health protocols. However, even as the industrial equipment distributors and manufacturers are starting to breathe sighs of relief, every response and capability must be in light of what is possible post-COVID-19, for better or worse. While pneumatic components and pneumatic valves remained essential for most industries, all companies should think through the following “What If” questions:

What if the operations of their customers will still be affected by lockdowns up to the end of the year?

What if demand patterns post-pandemic changed significantly and never went back to “normal” over the next two years?

What if customers drastically reduced or at least delayed all investments in industrial equipment during the post-pandemic period?

Will vital industries be able to cope with a drastic fall in demand to manufacture essential industrial equipment?

What if markets fail in one area but establish growth in another? (For example, markets in China fail, but markets in Europe and Southeast Asia step in)

The irony of the industrial equipment situation

While many experts agree that the manufacturing and distribution of industrial equipment for essential industrial sectors remain vital, both are facing continued downward pressure on demand, production, and revenues as the pandemic continues. Many companies are facing cash-flow liquidity challenges and difficulties in managing debt obligations.

The industrial equipment sector is both essential but vulnerable. One given is the fact that the bulk of the workforce is employed in on-site jobs that cannot be done remotely. In spite of the nature of the industry, companies need to create social distancing in workplaces that are typically worker-dense, such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, material movements, and logistics.

Likewise, distributors should be prepared for major global supply chain disruptions. 

Prepare for a prolonged recovery

Given the positive variable that industrial equipment is considered essential for survival and the economy, this sector stands a higher chance of recovery in a post-pandemic world. With lockdowns easing down, manufacturing can at least increase production despite not reaching 100% work capacity. However, prolonged the recovery may be, manufacturers and distributors need to brace and plan for a trying period that may exceed beyond a year or two.


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