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Univer Air Treatment Units provide versatile solutions for managing compressed air in industrial automation applications. With modular configurations in three standard sizes, these air treatment units can be customised to meet the specific needs of any pneumatic system.

American Cylinder is a leading provider of high-quality pneumatic cylinders for industrial automation applications. As one of the largest privately owned process automation suppliers in Australia, MasterMac2000 stock a wide selection of American Cylinder products at their Brisbane warehouse.

Versatile Configuration Options

Univer offers air treatment units in three standard frame sizes—designated as Size 0, Size 1, and Size 2—to accommodate different flow rate requirements from 600 Nl/min up to 6,500 Nl/min. All models share modular construction for easy customisation with filter, regulator, lubricator, and other components.

For full product specifications, custom configuration options or assistance integrating Univer pneumatic solutions into your application needs, please contact our Brisbane-based team at MasterMac2000.

We handle stock and custom projects Australia-wide with industry-leading service levels to keep your processes flowing smoothly.

Delivering Consistent Performance Under Variable Conditions:

The TecnAir HRP10 precision regulator range provides an unparalleled level of regulation and repeatability, making them the ideal choice for applications requiring the utmost control and stability even under changing operating conditions.

Lockable valve size: 0-1-2 G1/4″ G3/4″. The lockable valve is a 3-way 2-position manual valve. In the closed position it enables discharge of the downstream system of the air preparation equipment. An optional lock (supplied upon request) allows the user not to pressurize the system accidentally.

Lockable pneumatic valves from MasterMac2000 provide reliable flow control and enhanced safety functionality for automated industrial pneumatic systems.

Gradual starter valves are precision pneumatic components that provide controlled pressure regulation for automation systems.

As the name suggests, these valves enable a gradual increase of downstream system pressure, helping to protect sensitive components from shock pressures.

They also allow for emergency draining of system pressure as well as complete shut off of air supply when required.

Regulators provide precise control and adjustment of compressed air pressure – crucial for process automation equipment to function reliably. At MasterMac2000 we stock a range of high quality regulators to suit various applications.

Precision Filtration and Regulation

Model Size Connections Nominal Flow Rate (Nl/min)
HZE0F08G 0 G1/4 600
HZE1F10G 1 G3/8 2,200
HZE1F15G 1 G1/2 4,400
HZE2F15G 2 G1/2 6,500

Model Filter Element Micron Rating Bowl Capacity (cm3)
HZE0Z660 5 20
HZE1Z660 5 85
HZE2Z660 5 170
HZE1Z670 0.3 N/A

Model Adjusting Range (bar) Port Size
HZRM08G 0.8 - 8 G1/4
HZRM2008GA 0 - 0.1 G1/4
HZRM2008GC 0 - 2 G1/4
HZRM2008GE 0 - 10 G1/4

Model Maximum Working Pressure (bar) Nominal Flow Rate (Nl/min)
AF2510 16 580
AF2515 16 1,150
AF2545 25 5,400
AF2580 25 13,500

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