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Gradual Starter Valves

Gradual starter valves are precision pneumatic components that provide controlled pressure regulation for automation systems. As the name suggests, these valves enable a gradual increase of downstream system pressure, helping to protect sensitive components from shock pressures. They also allow for emergency draining of system pressure as well as complete shut off of air supply when required.

MasterMac2000 offers a wide range of gradual starter valves suitable for a variety of industrial applications. These high quality valves are designed to meet European safety standards and provide reliable pressure control through different operating modes.

Controlling Pressure Gradually

The key purpose of gradual starter valves is to prevent abrupt pressure spikes that could damage pneumatic components. When power is applied to these valves, they enable a controlled, step-by-step build up of pressure in the downstream system over time. This prevents shock from occurring and instead introduces pressure at a rate the components can withstand.

The opening time of gradual starter valves can be finely adjusted using integrated regulation mechanisms. Importantly, the rate of pressure increase is independent of circuit volume. So whether you have a small test setup or large industrial machine, these valves ensure pressure rises at the proper gradual pace.

Versatile Valve Designs                                                                     

MasterMac2000 offers gradual starter valves in a variety of port sizes and configurations to suit different applications. Common options include:

  • G1/4: Suitable for smaller scale testing and prototyping where component size is minimised.
  • G3/8: For medium duty use where flow needs are moderate.
  • G1/2: Heavy duty valves optimised for higher flow industrial processes.

All of our gradual starter valves feature compact 3-way 2-position valve bodies. This versatile design incorporates three ports that can be switched between two states, allowing for regulated pressure increase as well as emergency venting or complete air shut off.

Gradual Starter Valve Specifications

Model Port Size Maximum Pressure Rating Opening Time Adjustment Range
GSVQ-14 G1/4 10 bar 0-5 seconds
GSVQ-38 G3/8 16 bar 0-10 seconds
GSVQ-12 G1/2 25 bar 0-15 seconds


Operating Mode Specifications

Model Pneumatic Operation Electric Operation Electric with Cnomo Pilot
GSVQ-14 Yes Yes No
GSVQ-38 Yes Yes Yes
GSVQ-12 Yes Yes Yes


Electrical Requirements

Model Coil Voltage Connection Type
GSVQ-14 24VDC 4 Pin Euro Style
GSVQ-38 12-24VDC, 24VAC 5 Pin DIN Style
GSVQ-12 110/220VAC Screw Type Terminals


Precise Control and Monitoring

Gradual starter valves from MasterMac2000 provide pinpoint pressure control through regulation of their opening time. This timing is independent of circuit volume, ensuring consistent gradual pressurisation no matter the scale of the system.
For additional safety and process monitoring, many of our gradual starter valve models integrate optional pressure gauges. Whether integrated directly or via compatible manifold blocks, gauges give operators visibility of downstream pressure levels during valve actuation.

Multiple Operating Modes

A key advantage of MasterMac2000 gradual starter valves is their flexibility in supported operating modes:
Pneumatic: For standalone pneumatic applications not requiring electrical control.
Electric: When remote or automated electric actuation is preferred over manual pneumatic levers.
Electric with Cnomo pilot valve: Adds an intermediate pilot stage for applications requiring dual solenoid safety or where higher pressures must be controlled.
This variety of valve actuation options means one of our gradual starter valves is compatible with nearly any industrial control system configuration.

Rigorous Compliance Standards

All Tecnair gradual starter valves from MasterMac2000 are designed and tested and comply with the European Machine Directive 89/392/CEE. This ensures they have passed stringent quality and safety evaluations pertaining to industrial machinery. Customers can feel confident relying on our valves for applications across sectors.

MasterMac2000 is your QLD supplier of top-quality valves suitable for precise, safe pneumatic control in automation equipment large and small. Contact our Brisbane-based experts today if you need assistance selecting gradual starter valves for your next project.

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