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Pneumatic Filter Regulators

Pneumatic filter regulators provide versatile and reliable air preparation for a variety of industrial automation processes. As the name suggests, these units integrate both particulate filtration and pressure regulation into a single compact module. This two-in-one design offers significant space and installation savings over separate filter and regulator components.

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Precision Filtration for a Wide Range of Applications

Pneumatic filter regulators are suitable for any application requiring clean and regulated compressed air or gas. The integrated 5 micron particle filter removes oil, water, and other liquid contaminants from air lines. This ensures downstream pneumatic components like valves, cylinders, and sensors are protected from damage.

The filter regulators are available in sizes ranging from 0-1-2 as well as port sizes of G1/4”, G3/8”, and G1/2”. This wide range of flow capacities from 450-3500 L/min accommodates everything from small standalone machines to large industrial processes. Multiple installation ports also allow convenient multi-drop manifolds for distributing air to numerous points throughout a facility.

Example: Filter Regulator Flow Capacities

Size G1/4″ Port G3/8″ Port G1/2″ Port
0 450 L/min
1 1000 L/min 2000 L/min
2 2000 L/min 3500 L/min


Durable Construction for Continuous Operation

Our filter regulators are engineered for reliability even in demanding industrial environments. The main body is injection moulded from Grivory GV-6H, a glass-filled nylon composite that is both lightweight and incredibly strong. Reinforced seals and springs resistant to wear ensure consistent performance shift after shift, year after year.

An automated semi-sluggish drain removes accumulated liquid contaminants without interrupting airflow. Oil-filled variations are also available to augment tribological properties of pneumatic components. Adjustable pressure out ranges from 0.5-10 bar depending on the model, satisfying a diversity of operating pressure needs.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Modularity is a hallmark of our filter regulator design. The compact housing consolidates multiple components within a small footprint while still enabling simple installation and maintenance. Integrated mounting brackets or wall clamps secure units firmly into position.

Each filter cartridge can be swiftly replaced from the front without disassembly or tools. Manual drains provide quick one-handed bowl draining as well. An ip65 enclosure rating protects against dust and fluids for reliable indoor or outdoor use.

Precision-Engineered for Quality Performance

The precisely-engineered internal mechanisms ensure stable, accurate pressure control and airflow. A patented pilot-venting technology on the regulator diaphragm delivers ultra-sharp regulation plus fast response to sudden fluctuations. Micro-honed bores and lapped seats within poppet valves and solenoid valves maximise sealing for leakage rates under 1%.

Pressure Adjustment Ranges


Size Standard Range Optional Range 1 Optional Range 2
0 0.2 – 4 bar 0.5 – 10 bar
1,2 0.5 – 8 bar 0.1 – 1 bar 0.1 – 2 bar
1,2 0.2 – 4 bar 0.5 – 10 bar


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