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Signal Processing Valves

Flow Controls for Precision Process Control

What are Signal Processing Valves?

Signal processing valves (also called logic valves) are an essential component in pneumatic automation systems. They allow machinery and processes to make logical decisions based on the presence, absence or combination of compressed air input signals. Common signal processing valves include shuttle valves, AND gates, and OR gates.

Types of Signal Processing Valves

There are two main types of signal processing valves:

  • Shuttle Valves function like an OR gate, allowing output when either input is pressurised. They route air flow to the output port.
  • AND/OR Gates only produce an output signal if their logical conditions are met. AND gates output when both inputs are pressurised, while OR gates output if either input is pressurised.

Dimensions and Specifications

TecnAir signal processing valves have industry-standard threaded G1/8 ports for compatibility. Table 1 shows common models and their specifications:

Model Input 1 Port Input 2 Port Output Port
Shuttle Valve G1/8 G1/8 G1/8
AND Gate G1/8 G1/8 G1/8
OR Gate G1/8 G1/8 G1/8

All wetted parts are brass for corrosion resistance. Maximum operating pressure is 1000kPa (10 bar). Compressed air, nitrogen or other industry-compatible gases can be used as the media.


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Additional Example Specifications


Quick Exhaust Valves Specifications

Model Threaded Port Flow Rate (Nl/min)
VSR-1 G1/8 700-900
VSR-2 G1/4 1200-2000
VSR-3 G3/8 3500-5000
VSR-4 G1/2 3500-5000
VSR-5 G3/4 5200-7500

Gate Logic Specifications

Model Port Sizes Type Number of Inputs/Outputs
AM-5160 G1/8 AND Gate 2 inputs, 1 output
AM-5161 4mm push-in fitting AND Gate 2 inputs, 1 output
AM-5162 G1/8 OR Gate 2 inputs, 1 output
AM-5163 4mm push-in fitting OR Gate 2 inputs, 1 output
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