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Low Profile LPC Series

Standard Cylinder Benefits & Features

1. Body:
American Cylinder’s custom designed aluminium extrusion. Machined, burnished and hard-coated inside and out to provide long life, low friction and reliable operation.

2. Rod:
Hard chrome plated Type 303 Stainless Steel provides a hard interface for the high quality Duralon® Rod Bearing.

3. Rod Bearing:
High performance self-lubricating Duralon® rod bearings provide high load carrying capacity and low running friction. Unsightly dark oily residue is eliminated by using the Duralon® Bushing in conjunction with the hard chrome plated rod material.

4. End Caps (Rod Guide & Rear Head):
High strength anodised aluminium for light weight and corrosion resistance.

5. Springs:
Springs for spring action cylinders are made from music wire and designed for millions of trouble free cycles.

6. Carboxylated Nitrile Rod & Piston Seals:
Special compound internally lubricated carboxylated nitrile Quad-X rod & piston seals ensure positive sealing while providing low friction and maximum resistance against seal wear. Additional special seal compounds and lubricants are available upon request.

7. Repairable:
Snap ring construction with a minimal amount of component parts offers ease of disassembly. (See Warning on page 6 of the Product Catalog)

8. Pre-lubricated:
All cylinders are factory lubricated with a non-toxic, non-flammable, USDA listed teflon based lubricant. The non-staining, odorless, non-migratory nature of this lubricant provides lubricity for millions of trouble free cycles

9. Temperature Rating:
The standard LPC® Series seals are recommended for temperatures from -20°F to 200°F (-25°C to 95°C). Fluoroelastomer seals are available as an option for high temperature applications up to 325°F (163°C) and/or chemical compatibility. Special seal compounds and lubricants are available upon request.

10. Pre-Tested:
The quality of each cylinder is assured by testing each unit for leakage prior to shipment. Quality control provides added value to American cylinders.

11. Magnet for Sensing Switch Actuation:
American Cylinder’s custom internal magnet designed to actuate American’s Low Profile Reed or Solid State Switches. (Optional, Refer to page 1 of the Product Catalog.)

12. Body Grooved T Slots:
Designed to accept American’s Low Profile Reed or Solid State Switches. (See pages 7 and 8 of the Product Catalog for specification data on switches)

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