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Precision Regulator

Delivering Consistent Performance Under Variable Conditions

The TecnAir HRP10 precision regulator range provides an unparalleled level of regulation and repeatability, making them the ideal choice for applications requiring the utmost control and stability even under changing operating conditions.


A Variety of Options to Suit your Needs

precision regulator


TecnAir precision regulators are available in a wide range of port sizes from G1/4 up to G1/2, allowing compatibility with the majority of compressed air distribution systems. Gauge ports are also provided as standard to monitor output pressure.


Exhaust flow capacities are maximised through the use of high flow exhaust ports up to G3/8, ensuring minimal pressure drops even at higher flows. This wide adjustment range from 0.05 to 10 bar further increases versatility.

Superior Performance Through Advanced Design

A pilot operated design incorporates additional control stages for regulation that is hyper-sensitive. This design achieves repeatability of better than ±0.5% of the selected set-point.

Diaphragm and poppet materials are carefully selected for their resistance to corrosion and longevity. Combined with precision springs, pressure fluctuation is reduced to an industry-leading ±0.1% of the set-point.

pneumatic precision regulator

An IP65 enclosure rating ensures the regulator can be used in all environments without risk of moisture or weather damage. Extended operating temperatures from -35°C to 60°C also make the HRP10 range suitable for the most demanding conditions.


Relieve Pressure Spikes 

To protect downstream equipment, a high flow relieving exhaust is incorporated as standard. Flow capacities range from less than 1.5 l/min at 5 bar up to over 6 l/min at 12 bar, eliminating pressure surges safely and reliably.

Example Specifications 

Model Port Size Adjustment Range Bleed Rate @ 5bar Bleed Rate @ 7bar Bleed Rate @ 10bar Bleed Rate @ 12bar
HRP10-31 G1/4 0.05 to 3bar l/min
HRP10-32 G3/8 0.05 to 5bar l/min l/min
HRP10-33 G1/2 0.05 to 7bar l/min l/min l/min


Contact the Brisbane-based experts at MasterMac2000 for help selecting the right precision regulator for your specific application. Our Queensland team can also assist with installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance support to maximise safety and lifetime productivity.

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