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Regulators For Precision Air Pressure Regulation

Regulators provide precise control and adjustment of compressed air pressure – crucial for process automation equipment to function reliably. At MasterMac2000 we stock a range of high quality regulators to suit various applications.

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Versatile Modular Design

Our regulators feature a versatile modular design that provides absolute flexibility. The range comprises seven different port sizes from G1/4″ to G1″ to accommodate anywhere compressed air is needed. All the modules can simply be added to or removed from the assembly during or after installation with ease.

This modular approach streamlines the manufacturing and assembly process. Customers can optimise the configuration of regulators for their specific application needs. Whether integrating into new equipment or retrofitting existing machinery, MasterMac2000 regulators are designed for hassle-free installation.

Superior Construction

To achieve industry-leading performance, MasterMac2000 regulators utilize high grade materials. The main bodies are constructed from Grivory GV-6H, a synthetic polymer composite renowned for its strength, rigidity and surface quality. Containing 60% glass fiber reinforcement, Grivory GV-6H exhibits impressive strength figures.

Seals and internal components are precisely manufactured from NBR and brass respectively to withstand compressed air pressures up to 16 bar. The die-cast aluminium knobs and facia panels provide durability even in demanding industrial environments. This stringent material selection process ensures MasterMac2000 regulators function reliably for many years.

Diaphragm Pressure Regulation

Inside each regulator, a diaphragm mechanism finely controls the air pressure. As inlet air pressure acts on one side of the flexible diaphragm, it is balanced by a set spring force on the reverse. Any pressure change on either side causes the diaphragm to flex accordingly. This in turn precisely opens or closes the valve to maintain the preset outlet pressure.

Customers can choose from several factory adjustment ranges including 0.5-8 bar, 0.2-4 bar and 0.5-10 bar, providing coverage for a diverse array of industrial automation applications. The regulator exhaust is vented to ensure unrestricted flow and accessory modules like filter/regulators can be added upstream for additional filtration.

Dimensional Flexibility

MasterMac2000 regulators are available in seven modular sizes to suit any piping configuration. The compact size 0 measures only 88x48x43mm while the largest size 4 is 329×93.3x85mm. Interchangeable connections include BSP parallel or NPT tapered pipe threads in metric or imperial standards..


Size Dimensions (mm) Connections
0 88x48x43 G1/4″
1 128.5x54x52 G1/4″, G3/8″
1 147x54x52 G3/8″
2 192x67x63 G3/8″, G1/2″
2 225x67x63 G1/2″
4 329×93.3×85 G3/4″, G1″
4 257×93.3×85 G1″


Size Inlet Pressure (bar) Flow Rate (l/min)
0 2 – 10 400 – 2000
1 2 – 10 500 – 1500
2 2 – 10 1000 – 5000
4 2 – 10 2000 – 14000


Performance data is provided specifying flow characteristics for each size across a range of inlet pressures. Customers can easily select the optimal regulator based on their required flow rates. Modular construction also allows multiple units to be combined side-by-side or in-line where higher flow capacities are needed.

Pressure Locking Options

For safety-critical applications, MasterMac2000 regulators incorporate locking features. The adjustment knob can securely lock the set outlet pressure by pressing downwards. Alternatively, the entire regulator head can be fastened to prevent tampering with the pressure setting. These locking mechanisms protect against accidental changes to downstream processes.

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The Brisbane-based experts at MasterMac2000 are always on hand to answer any questions customers have about selecting or applying regulators. Comprehensive technical documentation is also available including dimensional drawings, material specifications, flow curves and part numbers for configuration purposes.

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