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Lockable Pneumatic Valves

Lockable valve size: 0-1-2 G1/4″ G3/4″. The lockable valve is a 3-way 2-position manual valve. In the closed position it enables discharge of the downstream system of the air preparation equipment. An optional lock (supplied upon request) allows the user not to pressurise the system accidentally.

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Lockable pneumatic valves from MasterMac2000 provide reliable flow control and enhanced safety functionality for automated industrial pneumatic systems.

Versatile Flow Control                                           

As a three-way, two-position manual valve, the lockable pneumatic valve directs compressed air with precision to pneumatic tools, actuators and other downstream components. Its versatile 3-port configuration allows for switching between pressurising connected pneumatic devices or isolating their air supply with a simple twist of the robust metal handle. Operators can control airflow for active work cycles or safely discharge pressure for maintenance tasks.

Rigid Safety Interlocks                                                      

An integral feature of the Lockable Pneumatic Valve is its patented lockable design. The valve body includes a reinforced adapter that securely fastens the handle in the closed position when engaged. Compatible padlocks or similar locking mechanisms prevent unintended opening and ensure isolated discharge of residual compressed air pressure. This interlock function provides valuable additional safety during machinery repairs or process adjustments when accident

al pressurisation must be avoided.

Industrial-Grade Durability

Built for continuous usage in demanding manufacturing and process environments, the all-metal construction of our lockable valves withstand vibration and temperature fluctuations. The die-cast aluminium body housing protects smoothly operating ball-style internal components from corrosion and damage. This heavy-duty build quality delivers reliability and extended operational lifetimes, reducing cost of ownership.

Customised Solutions

MasterMac2000 offers lockable valves in industry-standard port sizes 0 (G1/4 inch), 1 (G1/4 inch) and 2 (G3/4 inch) providing installation compatibility. Rated for operating pressures up to 16 bar as standard, higher pressure versions can be specified for spe

cial applications. Customers can also select optimised valve configurations matched to their unique flow and pressure requirements, machine coupling specifications and adherence to relevant safety protocols.

Precise Flow Control

Ball-style internal components control compressed airflow with minimal pressure drop, maintaining pressure levels to power tools and actuators precisely as required. Pressure regulation is smooth and efficient, maximising productivity. Standard and customizable pressure ratings cater to a broad range of industrial automation applications.


Size Thread Ports Body Diameter Overall Length
0 G1/4 inch 28mm 60mm
1 G3/8 inch 43.5mm 83mm
2 G1/2 inch 54mm 105mm


Specification G1/4 inch G1/2 inch
Valve Body Material Hardened steel Hardened steel
Inlet/Outlet Port Size G1/4 inch BSPP threaded ports G1/2 inch BSPP threaded ports
Valve Action 3-way, 2-position 3-way, 2-position
Pressure Rating Maximum 25 bar Maximum 25 bar
Temperature Rating -10°C to 80°C -10°C to 80°C
Flow Rating @ 6 bar 2500 L/min 6000 L/min
Locking Mechanism Optional padlock hasp for user-supplied padlock Optional padlock hasp for user-supplied padlock

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If you require a versatile pneumatic valve for automated control applications, lockable valves may be the right choice. MasterMac2000 welcomes your enquiries. Our Brisbane-based experts can advise on the most suitable configurations according to individual project requirements. Get in touch today to discuss personalised pneumatic control solutions.

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