Pneumatic Valves or Compact Valves are Designed for a Wide Range of Applications

Compact valves are a type of pneumatic valves designed for a wide range of fluid control applications. The valves can provide users with a space-saving and lightweight design, compared to traditional ANSI and API class valves.

Compact valves are big on performance

The new generation of proportional compact valves offers the performance advantages that are usually associated with larger valves. Application flexibility and high dynamics give industries involved new possibilities in precise pressure regulation in a space-saving design.

When industrial experts select a compact valve, they usually evaluate cost, size, dynamics, repetitive precision, nominal flow, hysteresis, and linearity as they related to a specific application. As is typically the case with most engineering choices, picking the correct valve means balancing the trade-offs of various performance parameters, but still meeting cost objectives. However, the higher performance provided by modern compact valves can almost eliminate any trade-offs, giving industrial experts new freedom in applications.

Packing a compact punch

For instance, if one were to examine the range of compact valves (as well as nanovalves, microvalves, essential valves, and poppet valves) distributed by MasterMac2000, you will find valves that measure in smaller packages, where typically much wider valve bodies are needed for more massive flows.

But even with the small size of compact valves, excellent control is achievable. When tested, these compact valves offer only minor deviations from a given setpoint. Similarly, hysteresis, or the tremendous pressure difference for the same setpoint signal running up and down throughout the full signal range, is still fully achieved. Likewise, linearity is also very precise, varying less than 1 per cent over the entire control range. Together, these three characteristics allow for a high-precision, highly repeatable, and smooth and quiet operation.

Compact valves are easily adaptable to advanced closed-loop operations. In most of these cases, feedback allows continual adjustment to maintain higher levels of precision under differing and selective conditions. For instance, exact control tasks may require directly monitoring the controlled variable and override the pressure control with a force controller. Electronic feedback permits control based on speed, force, position, temperature, torque, and other variables.


Compact valves, such as those from MasterMac2000, are also very tolerant of vibration and shocks. They can be easily and directly mounted to equipment for quick response and simplified plumbing and wiring.


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