Not So Common Flow Control Valves that are Probably Unheard Of

flow control valve

Flow control valves are used to automatically adjust variations in pressure and temperature. They come in varieties, ranging from simple orifices to more complicated closed-loop electrohydraulic valves.

Flow Control

In any hydraulic system, the purpose of flow control is to regulate the speed of anything flowing through the system. Flow rate also determines the rate of energy transfer at any given pressure.

On the other hand, directional control is not focused on energy control. Instead, what it does is to direct the energy transfer system to the proper place in the system at the appropriate time.

Aside from the aforementioned orifice and electrohydraulic valve, the common flow control valves used in industries are bypass flow regulators, demand-compensated flow controls, temperature compensated variable flow valves, priority valves, and flow dividers.

A flow control valve that is not commonly used is the Proportional Flow-control Valve. This is an electronically controlled valve that modulates fluid flow in proportion to the input current it receives. The valve can control cylinders or smaller hydraulic motors in applications that require precise speed control or controlled deceleration or acceleration.

The Pressure-compensated Proportional Flow-control Valve is a two-port valve wherein the main control orifice is adjusted electronically. This valve maintains constant flow output by keeping the pressure drop constant across the main control orifice. Since it has two ports, this valve has an electrically adjustable control orifice that is connected to the compensator, a series with a pressure reducing valve spool.

Another flow control valve probably unheard of is the Proportional Flow Logic Valve. It is an electrically adjustable flow control that fits into a standard logic valve cavity. The cover and cartridge are assembled into a single unit. The cover consists of the proportional force solenoid and a pilot controller.

Selecting the right control valve

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