Flow Control Valve: What Is a Die Grinder, and How Is It Used?

A versatile air-powered pneumatic tool often overlooked is the die grinder. Not many people are familiar with the die grinder. A die grinder is a small, handheld tool with a rotating spindle. Although it needs electric or battery power to operate, a flow control valve controls the compressed air pressure that spins the spindle with the grinder. The grinder or grinding bit is used to remove primarily metal, plastic, and wood material.

Here are the five primary uses for die grinders in any industry.

Removing rust

A die grinder is an essential must-have tool in removing rust from metals, parts, and equipment that have been exposed to corrosive oxygenation. 

Auto body works

For the repairing of vehicles involved in collisions, there is a need to strip the surface paint to expose the bare metal. Die grinders can also get rid of paint in smaller areas that large sanders cannot reach. A cutting wheel can also be installed to reach into small spaces to remove sheet metal that needs replacing.

Stainless steel finishing

Finished stainless steel needs to look as professionally smoothed and polished as possible. Die grinders can smooth or polish stainless steels, especially with the welded bits, to match the rest of the steel. 

Non-metal surface finish

Although die grinders are primarily used for metals, they can also smooth and polish anything else non-metallic. Many woodworkers use carbide burrs with their die grinders to sculpt wood into beautiful shapes. It is also used to smooth out wood into a professional finish. Die grinders do a faster job than slow traditional sanders. Die grinders can also be used to smoothen or sculpt plastic surfaces as well.

Sharpening blades

Die grinders can be equipped with blade sharpening attachments that allow the sharpening of a wide variety of blades. This can be used to sharpen axes, hatchets, knives, and other types of blades. They are used in place of grindstones. 

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