The Flow Control Valve Found in Coffee Machines

flow control valve

Flow control unravels a whole new world of brewing capabilities and the convenience to experiment with the different distinctions that all types of coffee have to offer. From this alone, one can see the importance of a flow control valve found inside a coffee machine. This flow control allows you to deliver any level of pre-infusion that can be served, as well as profiling coffee based on the age of that coffee. You can also pre-infuse roast level, variety, and origin, and can even mimic the extraction of other coffee machines.

What is Flow Control?

Flow control is controlling the flow rate of water during pre-infusion and extraction as the water passes through the coffee puck. With the ability to control the flow rate of water, you can have the ability to bring out all the different distinctions that are possible even from just a single type of coffee. 

For instance, with a very fresh and newly processed batch of coffee beans, you can set the flow control valve to allow the coffee to off-gas and bloom to get a perfect extraction. For modern coffee machines that can be connected to any computer or app, the settings can easily be saved for future reference or use.

Flow control is an innovative technique allowing professional coffee baristas and even household coffee connoisseurs to experiment with different aromas and flavour profiles of any coffee. You can even experiment with toning down the acidity of coffee or bringing out more rich chocolatey flavour.

Flow Control Innovations

Innovations from flow control will change any game plan for professional baristas looking to pull experiments with a customer’s favourite whole bean coffee to increase or tone down the different flavours, aromas, and characteristics on their coffee. For home coffee connoisseurs, flow control in coffee machines gives opportunities to pull “barista-style” shots in the comfort of their home, and impress the wife and visiting in-laws.

One innovative example of filtering coffee is to grind your coffee coarsely, and then set a low flow control to make several cups of coffee. Many innovations can be created from flow control in a coffee machine.

And to think that something as small as a flow control valve, usually more known around heavy industries, can help in making a delicious cup of coffee.

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