Save Water: Install a Water Flow Control Valve Now

Flow Control ValveA flow control valve is well-known in the industrial arena, but did you know that it’s also one of the most useful one in our homes? It is especially used in familiar places in our house – like the shower room. According to studies, Aussies pay about $492 for household water supply services and $584 for sewerage, totalling $1076 (NSW area).

Imagine cutting a bit of your water bill expenses home. Interested how it’ll work out? Here is how flow control valves can help you save on your water bill expenses. As water is one of the world’s most necessary resources, people are making an effort to conserve water as much as possible. 

This is where valves come in. They are designed to be effective while you use less water and reduce wasted water going down the drain along the way.

Advantages of Using Flow Control Valves

Money-Saving Advantage

A flow control valve’s primary function is to maintain the same pressure while using less water. You don’t have to worry about paying more in your sewage bills, too, since the valve has reduced your water pressure and usage, there will also be reduced wastewater down the drain. 

Water-Saving Advantage

Flow control valves can conserve up to an estimated 85 per cent of the water that you use. It is why people who want to shift to a greener lifestyle, they consider water-saving options for their homes. When people consume less water, there is a lesser demand for it, too. You’re not just saving water, but you’re also giving the environment some breathing space.

Easy to Install

If you’re a big fan of DIY or a real handyman, then these types of valves are your best friends. Flow control valves are quite easy to install as they are installed directly to faucets or where the water line connects. You only need simple hand tools like pliers, a wrench, or adhesives. 

Designed to be Clog-Free

Clogs are plumbing’s worse enemy. It’s a good thing that flow control valves are designed to be clog-free. Shower pressure valves control any water deposits, tiny particles, and rust that flows into the shower system, thus not stopping the rush of water. 

Built for Safety

The safety features of a flow control valve are perhaps its most underrated advantage. A shower flow control valve can prevent shower shock. This typically happens when someone is flushing the toilet while you’re in the shower. A toilet valve requires a larger volume of cold water than what the shower valve is using. So, having a control valve built into your shower regulates that. 

So those were the advantages of a flow control valve for your shower room. Consider installing one for your home now. Contact us at Mastermac 2000, and we’ll provide you with the best parts, even the hard-to-get ones.

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