The Advantages of Using a Pressure Control Valve

pressure control valve

When it comes to water suppliers, everyone appreciates some good water pressure, especially at home and at work. However, too much high pressure can be a significant cause of wasted water, pipe damage, and leaks. This is why many industries involved in water distribution or even chemicals and petrochemicals highly invest in pressure control valve technology. This is to generally control the flow and pressure of the flowing liquid.

Saves Money and Time

In any industry, any small amount that can be saved goes a long way. This is why one of the most significant advantages of investing in pressure control valves is the money-saving factor. Today’s technology has made it possible for pressure control valves to maintain the same pressure while using less water. For industries using vast amounts of water or other liquids, you save a lot of money.

Saves on Any Liquid Flow

As more and more industries are aiming towards a greener environment, pressure control valves are an essential part of that process. These valves have the potential to control or conserve up to 85 per cent on any liquid that flows through the pipes. For industries using large amounts of water, this can be a lot of savings since there will be less demand on the water supply, especially during the rather dry seasons in Australia.

Easy to Install

Workers can easily install pressure control valves because no specialised training is involved. There is no need to call in industry specialists or the need for special tools. Most pressure control valves can connect directly to the main pipeline at the point where the liquid flow is supposed to start. Simple hand tools can be used because installation is simple and mess-free.

Designed to be Clog-Free

Pressure control valves are manufactured today designed to be clog-free (such as the valves and other pneumatic cylinders distributed by Master Mac 2000). Whatever disturbance there is internally such as rust, particles, and water deposits, will not stop the rush or flow of the liquid.

Designed to Automatically Control High Pressure

Pressure control valves ensure reliable and stable pressure for all water and liquid flow systems. It prevents that “screaming” noise usually associated with high flow velocities. Because of this, the valve reduces the risk of water leaks and “water hammering” caused by built-up water pressure.

Master Mac 2000 Valves

Master Mac 2000 P/L is one of Australia’s largest privately-owned companies in the distribution of pneumatic valves such as pressure control valve. Since 1989, Master Mac 2000 has been distributing top-quality pneumatic brands such as Univer, Mack, Tolomatic, Mac, Piab, American, and Rotoflux from their main office in Brisbane. For enquiries or to request for a free quote for your industry needs, get in touch with Master Mac 2000 at their website,

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