Why Use a Flow Control Valve?

In the water distribution industry, water is a scarce resource that we all need to protect. We need to secure the water supply for the coming generations (and not just the next) as well as a growing population. The use of a flow control valve can help reduce water losses and contribute to efficient water supply management by maintaining an absolute acceptable pressure, level, and flow, regardless of changes in the supply network.

Implications of Water Loss

From the environmental perspective, significant amounts of precious water supply that are lost is a waste. Likewise, the energy used to treat and distribute this water that is lost is wasted as well. For water utilities, non-revenue water that has been produced but has been lost before it reaches the customer because of leaks, theft, or metering inaccuracies is a source of unwanted cost.

Often, when it comes to leak detection and minimising water loss, water utilities are often challenged by unwanted problems such as pipe fractures due to excessive pressure in the water lines. This problem is by no means the fault of the water utility, with the problem often exacerbated by height differences in the distribution network, with the high end giving off very high water pressure to the lower end of the distribution network.

This is where the solution of flow control valves come in.

How Flow Control Valves Can Help

To solve the above-mentioned problems, many water utilities resort to the use of flow control valves to obtain efficient and controllable water pressure and flow management. This results in:

  • Reduced water loss through leakages – Flow control valves regulates water pressure, minimising leakages from joints and minimising the risk of fractured pipelines.
  • Reduced risk of pipe bursts due to water hammering – The controlled water pressure no longer gives undue pressure to the pipeline network.
  • Less disruption to consumers – The controlled water pressure ensures fewer repairs that disrupt the water supply to consumers, and an even flow of water regardless of where the consumer is located along the network.
  • Minimised risk of contamination – Less fractured pipes and leakages mean less contamination from elements outside the pipeline network.
  • Savings for water companies – The cost of investing in flow control valves far outweighs the cost of wasted water and energy, as well as repairs to leakages and fractured pipes.

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