Control System: 9 Uses for Flow Control Valve

flow control valve

Flow control valves are special fittings designed for use in complex hydraulic and pneumatic systems. It regulates the flow or pressure of the fluid. Control valves usually respond to signals generated by independent devices such as flow meters or temperature gauges. These valves include simple tool orifices, along with a complex set of closed loops set of electrohydraulic valves that are perfectly designed to adjust to the different variations in system temperature and pressure.

The control valve fittings are used to reduce the actual flow rate in a specific area of a pneumatic circuit. This decreases the actuator speed. While a needle valve controls the flow in two directions, a flow control valve fitting is used to direct it to the system flow in only one direction. This way, free flow of the gas or liquid is allowed in the opposite direction.

  1.     No Clogging

Another great use of flow control valves is that they do not obstruct the flow of the fluid. Small particles, deposits, dust, etc. do not clog the flow of the fluid due to the perfect design of these valves.

  1.     Help to be Ecologically Friendly

Businesses nowadays are under constant pressure to meet the global ecological standards. With the usage of these valves, they can become ecologically friendly by reducing the wastage of natural resources and by ensuring their judicious use.

  1.     Increased Financial Returns

When resources are utilised efficiently, the businesses are in a position to experience reduced process variability. This ultimately helps in attaining a strategic advantage and increasing the financial returns.

  1.     Saving Money Becomes Easy

When control valves are used in faucets, they help a lot in water conversation. This means that people can save money on their water and sewer bills by using these control valves at their homes, offices, or factories.

  1.     Water Saving

As more and more people are driving towards a greener lifestyle; flow control valves are an essential part of that process. These faucets can conserve up to 85% of the water that we use. This means low demand on the water supply, especially during somewhat dry seasons.

  1.     Quickly reduces your working pressure

The Flow Control Valve allows the operator to depressurise the solution hose instantly. Just turn it off the and open the Flow Control Valve to release any backpressure. You can now change to your chosen tool safely, quickly and easily.

Use the Flow Control Valve to reduce the risk of over-wetting and achieve the fastest drying times when cleaning upholstery or mattresses.

  1. Performance and Reliability

Valves are used in a range of applications such as conveyors, food processing machines and material handling equipment.

  1. Stem guiding

It is a simple design where the stem itself is responsible for supporting and controlling the plug.  Limitations happen due to the stem’s strength as the support of the stem is farther away from the load on the cap.  Guiding performance is impaired, but this type of valve is cheaper to manufacture and maintain.

  1. Post guiding

It is used if there is a risk of fouling.  The post is a section of the stem from the plug that extends into the valve body.  The position is smaller in diameter than the cap but more significant than the stem.

The post supports the plug from bearing loads, with the narrower stem providing positioning control.

Thus, there are various uses which are offered by flow control valves. Get them from a reliable manufacturer and use them to experience all these benefits. Search online and find a good supplier of these pipes at the earliest. Or contact us at Master Mac 2000 today for more details!

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