Blocking Valves – A Different Sort of Pneumatic Valves

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Blocking valves are pneumatic valves of any type used to close off any kind of flow. These flows can be through a pipeline or out of a tank. Such valves used in blocking include gate valves, ball valves, and plug valves. A blocking valve can be locked in either the closed or open position to prevent incidents of vandalism and tampering.

Main characteristics of blocking valves

Blocking valves are offered in different configurations by various vendors (the best being from Mack Valves Pty Ltd, distributed by Master Mac 2000 in Brisbane), and they can be constructed from different materials. The valve’s body is usually with several diaphragms mechanically integrated into one body. 

An important detail about blocking valves is that this term is not their official classification. On the other hand, it is merely a broad description of several types of valves that are designed to block flow.

The advantages of blocking valves are that the flow path includes lower internal volumes and a significant reduction of the piping needed in a process system. Valve components for single diaphragm valves and blocking valves are virtually the same. Service and spare parts are primarily the same for both types of valves.

Types of block valves

  • Ball valves – The most common type of blocking valve, especially for PVC application. This type is commonly used to totally turn on or off any flow in a system using spherical seating with a hole in it. This hole allows the liquid to flow when the valve is opened.
  • Gate valves – This valve has a flat vertical gate that stops liquids dead on. The design of standard gate valves makes it much more effective as a shutoff valve than as a control valve. When a gate valve is opened, the gate is entirely out of the way in a full-bore configuration. Thus, when the valve is open, flow goes unrestricted. 
  • Pinch valves – This valve can operate as a stop valve or limiting valve. The valve has a tube inside that is squeezed closed or left open – partially or fully – and works more effectively even when partially opened. 

Master Mac 2000 

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