The Working Mechanisms of Pneumatic Tools

pneumatic toolsPneumatics is the field that deals with applications or tools that use pressurised gases or air. Anything pneumatic such as systems, machines, and tools is far different from their hydraulic or electrical counterparts. While the driving force in electrical machines and systems is electricity while hydraulic systems use pressurised liquids, pneumatic tools use pressurised gasses or air.

The most well-known examples of pneumatic systems are valves, cylinders, and actuators while sanders, grinders, nail guns, and grippers are examples of pneumatic tools. These are widely used for most industrial and domestic applications. Tools that use pneumatics are extremely popular due to the safety and ease of use affiliated with them, compared to manual tools and valves.

The Basics of Pneumatics

Like basic science, stored air or gas has potential energy to convert to kinetic energy when compressed. Air or gas that is compressed always attempts to expand, forcing anything such as a piston to move with enormous kinetic energy force. This is the force behind the basics of pneumatic systems and tools.

The best and simplest example in the basics of pneumatics is the pneumatic cylinder. The simple mechanism of a cylinder is filled with gases or air such as carbon dioxide that is then attached to the cylinder or tool to perform its specific function.

Pneumatic Tools

With basic pneumatic tools, the most basic is based on the principle of the air gun, such as nail guns and screw guns, and even sanders and grinders. The pneumatic pressure helps with the primary function that is driven at tremendous speed. Work is done faster and therefore, time and money are saved.

Pneumatic cylinders, actuators, and grippers work with the same principle. These pneumatic systems are preferred due to their noise-free operation and eliminating the need for liquid storage, in the case of hydraulics. Any air-based pneumatic system or tool is clean and environment-friendly because no liquids will leak or seep out.

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