Flow Control Valve: The Adjustable Diaphragm Pressure Switch – Made to Measure Pressure

The adjustable diaphragm pressure switch is a flow control valve with the main application of measuring and monitoring pressure and direct switching for electrical loads. For liquid, chemical, and petrochemical industries, diaphragm pressure switches also measure pressure through general process instrumentation. This is usually done in the power generation, oil and gas industries, nuclear power plants, water and wastewater industries, and mining.

Other pressures that pressure switches measure are gaseous and liquid pressures, aggressive and highly viscous or contaminated media, and aggressive ambience.

Description of the diaphragm pressure switch

Diaphragm pressure switches are made of high-quality materials and are developed especially for safety-critical applications. The high standard of quality and manufacturing for pressure switches must always follow global ISO 9001 standards to ensure reliable monitoring of gaseous, liquid, or electrical pressures from any specific plant. During manufacturing, all pressure switches must be monitored by quality assurance software at every step of development and are subsequently tested to comply with 100% reliability. As a standard, all wetted materials are made of stainless steel.

All diaphragm pressure switches are fitted with micro switches to ensure as much flexible operation as possible. The microswitches enable the switching of an electrical load directly.

For lower switching power ratings, like for PLC applications, argon gas-filled micro switches with gold-plated contacts can be customised as an option. By using a diaphragm measuring system, pressure switches are extraordinarily robust and guarantee maximum operating characteristics. For special applications and requirements on the wetted parts, there are pressure switches with different versions available from Master Mac 2000.

For specialised settings, especially for liquid media, a bar piston replaces or completes the measuring element that is the diaphragm. The wetted parts of this variant from stainless steel are mainly required for industries requiring liquid pressure measurements.

Adjustable range and proof pressure

The span of pressure between lower and upper limits inside the pressure switch in which the control may be adjusted to de-actuate or actuate. This is the maximum input pressure that can be applied continuously to the pressure switch without causing leakage or catastrophic material failure. However, the adjustable range and proof pressure must be monitored carefully, or the device may be rendered inoperative or damaged due to permanent change.

Master Mac 2000

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