The Standard Types of the Flow Control Valve and Their Functions

In a pneumatic system, flow control valves help in regulating the pressure of fluid flow in a pneumatic system. There are assorted types of flow control valves, and they vary in functions. Variations may be needed for a pneumatic system to operate properly. For instance, two separate pneumatic systems might need different features from a flow control valve. That is why it is vital to know the differences between its types so that the pneumatic system will function smoothly.

There are many types of control valves, but here are the common types used to regulate the flow of fluid and air in a pneumatic system:

Pneumatic Needle Control Valves

In a needle valve, it has a threaded stem that allows the user to adjust the amount of flow to pass through the valve. Inside the valve is a needle that can be pulled in and out by the user to control the flow rate. It blocks the fluid and creates a pressure gap to split up upstream and downstream. Since needle valves are bi-directional, it means they can control flow in two directions. The air or liquid flows into an opening sized by the narrowed stem and out the outlet port.

Ball Valves

As the name suggests, the ball valves utilise a rotary ball which has a hole so that the flow can go through or get obstructed by it. They have a valve handle that can be pivoted in a 90-degree turn. These shut-off valves are popular as they ensure a good sealing in the long run even in the case of contaminated elements (like debris, residues, soil, etc.) and prolonged periods of disuse.

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves operate similarly to ball valves. Unlike ball valves, these valves have a disk-like closing mechanism that can be rotated. A rod connects the disc to an actuator on the outside of a pipe. When the actuator is rotated, the disc either turns perpendicular or parallel to the flow. Butterfly valves are cheaper than the other valve designs and much lighter, that is why many prefer using this type of valve. Butterfly valves also come in various types, adapting to different usages and pressures.

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