How to Spot a Bad Pressure Control Valve

pressure control valve

A pressure reducing valve or pressure control valve (PCV) is a pneumatic valve that acts to change resistance to a fluid’s flow but does not alter its supposed destination. In simple terms, the fluid that passes through PCV is not lost but goes to the destination it was proposed. This type of valve can be found in almost every hydraulic system assisting in a variety of functions, maintaining an arranged pressure in part of a circuit to keeping the system pressures below a desired upper limit.

PCV features guaranteed optimisation of energy usage and performance of the system. When differential pressures are handled in an exact and precise manner, the temperature at low load conditions is controlled, and it overflows at partial conditions are eliminated.

But it’s not all the time PCVs function successfully. Here’s how to determine that a pressure control valve is not working (by the symptoms) and how to fix or replace it (if needed).

Water pressure is diminished

If observed that there’s a significant loss of pressure when using more than one fixture at the same time, or found that the water pressure does not seem to be as strong as it once was, the pressure reducing valve may need replacement.

No water pressure

A sign that a PCV is bad is when there is no water pressure both the hot and cold throughout the house. If it happens that only the cold has good pressure, there must be an issue in the water heater or the fixture itself.

Vibrating or hammering sounds in the walls

Another thing to consider that will indicate that a pressure reducing valve is failing is the occurrence of hammering or vibrating noises. Such noises can be caused by the expansion tank, faulty valves with loose washers, improperly strapped pipes, toilets fill valves, quick closing solenoid valves on appliances, or a combination of these factors.

High water pressure

Frequent repairs in appliances, faucets, or toilets are usually caused by high water pressure. Since most fixtures are rated for a maximum working pressure, it is important that the standards should be met. One way to fix this is to take a simple adjustment or replacement of the pressure control valve depending on the condition and age of the valve.

The PCV is one of the most important parts of any system. This means that it is best to know when it needs to be repaired.

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