Safety Tips in Handling Pneumatic Tools

pneumatic toolsWhen it comes to using tools that are powered by compressed air, also known as pneumatic tools, it is essential to understand how to make use of them safely. This is because compressed air that powers such tools can cause damages if not handled carefully, especially with pneumatic drills, jackhammers, and nailers.

Here are some of the safety tips to consider when dealing with pneumatic appliances:

Read the manual. Before using any pneumatic tool, read the provided instructional manual completely. One might have already tried to use a similar tool before, but it is still best to know how it really operates to avoid mishaps.

Wear safety equipment. When working with these types of tools, it is necessary to wear safety gear like safety glasses and gloves. Don’t attempt to operate tools without wearing the required safety equipment. It is not only unsafe, but it also makes you liable for any damages.

Avoid the don’ts. Never aim tools like nailers or staplers at another person. Screens must be set up to protect others from exposure to dust and any flying debris. Don’t try to mix and match attachments that are incompatible with each other or force an attachment onto a specific tool. Remember not to operate a tool at an air pressure exceeding the maximum amount set by the manufacturer.

Keep tools clean and lubricated. Maintain the cleanliness of pneumatic tools and keep them lubricated. This is to ensure efficiency and avoid getting clogged or jammed.

Turn off air pressure. Don’t forget to always turn off the air pressure after using the tool or changing tools.

Note that there are ways to ensure safety in handling air hoses. Here are a few of them. 

  • When handling an air hose, never run it across walkways or around areas that have sharp objects.
  • Inspect air hoses for abrasions or breaks regularly, and have the damaged ones replaced.
  • Never make the wrong sized hose work. always use the one with the correct diameter fittings.

These are just some of the many safety procedures in handling pneumatic tools. They may seem obvious, but not everyone takes the same level of responsibility when it comes to dealing with such tools. Following the safety procedures pertaining to the use of pneumatic equipment ensures a safe workplace.

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