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Rodless Cylinders

Carriage Options Maximise Design Flexibility

Rodless cylinders offer manufacturing and process automation equipment designers considerable flexibility by removing the necessity of a solid linear rod or shaft inside the cylinder barrel. This “rodless” design allows the cylinder carriage or block to move freely back and forth within protective profiled guides or rails built into the cylinder body. Without a fixed central rod, rodless cylinders can accommodate more complex travel paths than traditional solid-rod designs.

S, S5 and VL Series to Suit broad Range of Automation Needs

Univer offers their rodless cylinders in three main series – S, S5 and VL – to address the full spectrum of automation application requirements. The S1 is a light duty series without integrated guides for limited load applications. The S5 features polymer bearing guides for medium duty, while the heaviest duty VL series utilises roller bearings. Cylinder bores range from 16mm to 50mm in diameter, with strokes up to 6 metres depending on bore size. Standard, medium and long carriages are available.

Robust Profile Seals and Bearing Systems Ensure Long Service Life

All Univer rodless cylinders share a unique, high performance strip seal design that utilises a reinforced elastomer plastic material to withstand tensile stresses imposed by linear movement. Floating cushion seals provide controlled deceleration. The integrated guides and bearing systems of the S5 and VL series are specially engineered for rodless service to maximise efficiency and lifespan, even in demanding environments.

Comprehensive Range of Dimensions and Technical Specifications

Univer offers rodless cylinders in 5 bore sizes from 16mm to 50mm diameter. Strokes can reach 6 metres depending on bore. Standard pressure operating range is 3-10 bar with clean, filtered compressed air. Cylinders are suitable for use with or without lubrication and have an operating temperature range of -20°C to 80°C as standard. Max speed is 3m/s with a minimum of 20mm/s possible. A variety of carriage styles cater for different mounting and application needs. Univer offers rodless cylinders in a range of bore sizes and strokes to suit different automation space and movement requirements.

Example Specifications

Bore Size Available Strokes
16mm Up to 5m
25mm Up to 6m
32mm Up to 6m
40mm Up to 6m
50mm Up to 6m

The cylinders also have detailed technical specifications to allow accurate system integration.

Parameter Specification
Operating Pressure 3 – 10 bar
Fluid Compressed air, filtered to 50 microns
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to 80°C
Max Speed 3m/s
Min Speed 20mm/s
Carriage Types Standard, medium, long


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