Pressure Control Valve: What are Precision Pressure Regulators?

oxygen tank with gauges and pressure regulator
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Pneumatic precision pressure – or simply precision – regulators are designed to provide a constant pressure output due to fluctuating supply pressure. The tool is similar to how a voltage regulator works. Precision regulators can give out varying degrees of accurate pressure concerning reduced pressure output. For more pressure-critical applications, precision regulators with a pressure control valve system can provide controlled fluid pressure power applications.

Potential reasons that can cause fluctuations in pressure outputs:

  • Cycling.
  • Excess downstream pressure.
  • Inlet pressure changes.
  • Leakage. 
  • Temperature changes.
  • Time. 
  • Variations in pressure flow.

Importance of precision pressure applications

Pressure control provided by precision regulators is important and allows the benefits of even the most demanding systems to be accurately maintained. For instance:

  • Operator safety is improved

Having a reliable and controlled pressure due to a precision regulator improves the safety of workplaces and reduces operator fatigue.

  • Operating costs are lowered

Because the amount of wasted pressurised air is reduced, systems perform more economically. With the reduction of too high pressures, machines and equipment are at less risk of unwanted damage.

  • Provides greater consistency

Despite any variations in the upstream pressure and flow, a constant pressure output can be provided by the precision regulator. Thus, this eliminates the need to check the pressure manually.

Common precision regulator applications

Precision regulators are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, semiconductor, and medical industries. Common applications include:

  • Air gauging.
  • Calibration equipment.
  • Coordinating measurement machines.
  • Diagnostic equipment.
  • Fuel engines.
  • Leak testing equipment.
  • Medical devices.
  • Pneumatic automation systems.
  • Semiconductor machinery.

Precision pressure regulators perform a crucial role in maintaining the longevity and accurate functioning of many types of systems and equipment. Having reliable precision regulators ensures the efficiency of any pneumatic system that offers considerable benefits to application systems, operators, and companies.

Reliability starts with sensitivity

The accuracy of a precision regulator begins with sensitivity. This sensitivity is the measurement of how much downstream pressure needs to be changed before the regulator mechanics starts to compensate and change to the previous set point. Sensitivity specification is given in inches of pressure column. The smaller the number, the more sensitive the precision regulator. 

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